What It's Like Blogging on Medium | Can a Beginner Make Money Writing on Medium? (Medium Earnings)

In this video, I’ll share my experience of what it’s like blogging on Medium. I still consider myself as a beginner to the world of writing on Medium so if you’re a newbie writer, you may find my journey of getting published, as well as many rejections, interesting.

I also share that there’s no secret when it comes to how to make money writing on Medium. I share if I could make money writing on Medium after this three-week experiment. But, more than discussing a Medium blog income report, and my Medium earnings, I’m more excited to share what it was like to start blogging on Medium again.

I also have a treat for you. One of my favorite authors on Medium, Zulie Rane, was kind to send through a clip answering some questions I had about Medium. She shared valuable insight with regards to Medium publications as well as self-publishing. Also, she shared tips for new writers that are likely to inspire to you write on Medium in areas that bring you joy rather than trying to gamify the platform. I found her input incredibly helpful.

Here is the video from Zulie that I refer to:
This blogging platform just paid 1000 writers a surprise $500:

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