How Akshay Hallur is Earning 10 Lakhs Rupees Per Month With Blogging & Other Sources | Tips

How Akshay Hallur is Earning 10 Lakhs Per Month With Blogging, Youtubing & Other Sources | Tips

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Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:52 Akshay Hallur Introduction
03:39 How BloggingX started?
04:27 Price of Bloggingx domain name when purchased?
05:02 Initial Mistakes in Blogging?
07:14 After dropping out what helped him to stay focused in his journey?
08:25 Why most bloggers are not successful?
11:03 How many blogs he own?
12:02 How anyone can generate more income from blogs?
14:43: Other income sources of Akshay Hallur
16:00 How big is your team?
16:50 How to get traffic on blog?
18:02 Strategies to find new niches for blog
20:06 How to get ideas for niches?
23:59 How to manage job & blogging together?
25:45 His estimated earnings?
26:21 Tips for Newbies
28:49 Bloopers

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