Marvel’s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Characters

Marvel’s Spider-Man and his incredible friends have returned for another exciting season of animated entertainment! BuddyTV can keep you and your children informed with any developments from this animated series, ensuring they don’t miss a beat of action from this animated show! The Amazing fact about spiderman character for birthday party.

Peter Parker, Bobby Drake (Iceman), and Angelica Jones (Firestar) are college students attending Empire State University who decide to form Spider-Friends.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker is an unassuming young man with an exceptional capacity for seeing the good in people. When his superhuman powers were granted by being bitten by a radioactive spider, he decided to use them for good rather than exploit them for personal gain; hence his decision to become the crime-fighting Spider-Man and fight crime with dignity rather than control his newfound superpowers for personal growth. While taking his duty seriously, he still manages to have an offbeat sense of humor while making enemies nervous with constant one-liners to unnerve them – an achievement not many have managed to pull off.

Peter Parker may have an intimate circle of close relationships, including Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn, but also forms strong ties with strangers such as Flash Thompson, Gog, and Ben Reilly (his clone). Despite being quirky himself, Peter can always find common ground among his acquaintances.

Peter Parker holds down an additional role: teaching science at Midtown High School, where he shares it with Gwen Stacy (his girlfriend). It was first revealed during the Romita/Lee run that Peter taught biology; during the Ditko/Lee run, however, this changed to teaching chemistry instead. Additionally, Peter majored in physics during college; dedicated and passionate – always looking to better himself and those around him!

Miles Morales

Miles Morales takes over Spider-Man duties after Peter Parker passes away. Being only 18 years old and from Brooklyn, this new hero must balance his personal life, his new responsibilities as an up-and-coming politician, crime-fighting alongside Peter Parker as his mentor, and life outside crime-fighting with all its attendant risks.

Miles is now in possession of incredible superhuman strength, speed, wall-crawling ability, and senses. Furthermore, his body has become much more rigid and denser, enabling him to endure blows without experiencing significant injuries.

His African-American father and Puerto Rican mother instilled in him an immense pride in his heritage, using his powers to celebrate it while often using Spanish in his speech patterns.

Bendis and Marquez differ significantly from game developers in their treatment of Miles as a token representation of race. His mother, Rio, is a progressive political figure while Uncle Aaron Davis moonlights as costumed thief Prowler; Miles himself and his peers may often become targets of racist attacks, yet continue fighting for justice.

Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy embodies an appealing blend of lightheartedness and responsibility. Always quick with a joke, she has also inherited from her father an unshakable sense of duty when lives are at stake.

Gwen enjoys playing in her band and helping people by acting as Spider-Woman to investigate crimes. She has undertaken challenging missions such as tracking down criminals who have escaped jail and retrieving kidnapped children.

Gwen is also fighting off mysterious monsters responsible for her migraine headaches through Oscorp. Through their connections, she met Dr. Elsa Brock, who created a symbiote to grant Gwen her powers.

Gwen has experienced her fair share of ups and downs throughout her hero journey, yet she still strives to be one. She puts herself on the line for those she cares for while trying to meet Jessica Drew’s standards as her idol.

Green Goblin

Norman Osborn is an immensely wealthy industrialist who heads Oscorp, a military research company. Additionally, he owns the New York Yankees and has one son named Harry.

Osborn develops a performance enhancer to increase strength, but this turns him into the Green Goblin. Driven by greed and power hunger, his actions result in the deaths of his loved one, Gwen Stacy, as well as Flash Thompson; these tragic events ultimately create long-running feuds with Peter Parker, who exposes Osborn’s true identity.

The Green Goblin utilizes a steel, rocket-powered glider controlled by leaning and radio-linked voice commands. He often wears an amusing goblin-like mask with pointed ears and wears a skull-inscribed cap as part of his attire.

Doctor Strange’s misfire brings several villains from other universes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Osborn. When his double personality surfaces, Osborn attempts to rid himself of this conflict by throwing away his glider in an alleyway and smashing off the Goblin mask, but its effect returns and disrupts an effort to develop cures that could send these enemies back where they belong – as in their respective realities.


Disney Junior show Marvel’s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends features a kid-friendly ensemble of heroes and villains led by Peter Parker (otherwise known as Spider-Man), Gwen Stacy (Ghost Spider-Man), and Miles Morales, among others. It teaches lessons of teamwork, bravery, and character, as well as features popular Marvel characters such as Rhino and Green Goblin. Yet it is designed specifically for younger audiences and thus avoids language, violence, and sexual content.

Walt Disney Television Animation Studio produces the show and stars an ensemble cast of talented voice actors. Cort Lane, an experienced Marvel veteran with more than ten years of service as a consulting producer on numerous Disney/Marvel projects, serves as a series consulting producer – his expertise in family entertainment has made him the perfect candidate to take this on as his role.

Rhino (voiced by Justin Shenkarow) is an electric rhinoceros-themed supervillain with electric powers. Electro, an electrical-currents-manipulating female supervillain, creates, controls, and flies electrical currents. Black Cat (Betty Gleeson), Sandman, Black Cat thief who dresses like a cat, and Kingpin who runs New York City’s most prominent crime organization are other characters found within this series.


Electro is an ordinary lineman who gains extraordinary abilities after being struck by lightning, including being able to control electricity using only his mind, creating electrostatic bridges he can walk across (which depletes his personal energy reserves), manipulating electricity with his mind, and even creating electrostatic bridges he can walk upon himself (though this consumes his private resources). Unfortunately for Electro, his powers make him an outcast who frequently gets pummeled by Spider-Man during bank and jewel heists and ranks C among his fellow supervillains, including Black Cat, Rhino, Static, and Sandman (aka Lizard-themed Sandman).

The “Friends’ adventure across a power-mad New York is enjoyable, albeit slower-paced compared to its typical video-game rapidity. Still, watching their team be tortured and even destroyed makes for great entertainment, notably when Spider-Man reverses time during commercial breaks for one short second!

Electro makes his first appearance here, as well as Batroc the Leaper, an intriguing French mustache-twirling fellow with French roots who is trying to steal gold bars from Daily Bugle Communications by hacking satellites, but the Spider-Friends trick him into creating multiple versions of himself to battle them, eventually draining him so much that his circuits short-circuit and sending him back into prison alongside his associates from the previous game.

Felicia Hardy

Felicia Hardy, better known by her moniker of Black Cat, is a jewelry thief who has long been part of the Thieves Guild. On one heist, she stole an object with powers attached, giving her superhuman abilities that allowed her to restart her criminal career with new capabilities at her disposal. Felicia decided to keep these abilities and take full advantage of them for illicit gain.

Felica would later return to aid Spider-Man during the Kingpin/Hammerhead war, helping him stop Carnage while counteracting Venom’s beliefs that they must murder Carnage to do so.

At one point, she also helped Spider-Man fight against Kingpin’s forces to steal an original Ehrenreich painting; when this crisis had subsided, she kissed Spider-Man through his mask to show that their interest hadn’t faded away.

However, she soon grew weary of criminal life and started saving up for retirement. While attempting to do this, she discovered an opportunity for Dr. Octopus to use her as an experiment with his improved version of the super soldier formula that bestows super strength, allowing her to transform between a blonde form and a haired version as desired.

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