VARANASI – Cinematic travel film (Sony A7iii)

Varanasi, the oldest city with no shortage of characters and colours. I made this cinematic travel film to show you what it felt like to step in to a different world, to see a culture which has been preserved for thousands of years still alive and well today.

I loved my time here, it’s like a creatives heaven full of inspiration, my favourite part was hanging with the Sadhu’s (holy men) talking to them and learning about their way of life. For me this is what travel’s about, learning and connecting with others, making memories and finding more of yourself out there in the world.

The tour we used across India and Nepal (Highly recommended) –

Some shots were taken in Orchha, a small rural town on the way to Varanasi, additional footage was also supplied from Jenny ( follow her!)

I know i’ll be back in Varanasi in future, it’s just one of those places that feels like there’s so much more there to discover.

Anyways hope you liked the film! Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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The gear I use –
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Gear for this film –

Sony A7Riii + A7iii
Drone shots on a Mavic 2 Pro
90% shots were handheld the other 10% on a Ronin S
A bunch of lenses, let me know if you want the list 🙂

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