The Best WordPress Course For Beginners

WordPress is one of the world’s leading website creation platforms, offering easy learning capabilities that allow anyone to build an online space for business or personal needs. What do you need to consider about WordPress training Malaysia.

No matter where your level of experience lies in the world of WordPress development lies, there is sure to be a course out there that meets both your learning style and requirements. So which method should you opt for?

1. WordPress 2023

WordPress is one of the world’s most beloved content management systems, currently supports over 43% of websites worldwide, and is a go-to choice among web designers and development agencies.

Additionally, it’s easy to use for anyone – even those without a technical background. The interface and functionality are user-friendly and complete, with step-by-step directions and tutorials to get you up and running quickly.

Additionally, Joomla! is highly adaptable and can be used for any website imaginable – from forums and e-commerce stores to blogs and virtual classrooms.

The platform also offers an expansive library of plugins and themes that make customizing your site even easier; free to download and install, with regular updates for new features or security patches.

WordPress is a highly reliable platform, trusted by 34% of websites worldwide. Furthermore, it’s semantic markup and quality code make it an excellent option for SEO purposes.

2. Carrie Dils

WordPress is the world’s most widely-used content management system, powering over 43% of websites online. As the platform offers an ideal gateway into web development or digital marketing, learning its basics will lead you to success.

LinkedIn Learning course covers all the fundamental skills necessary for creating a small business website using WordPress. Designed to be digestible and straightforward so that students can take learning at their own pace.

This course covers several topics related to WordPress security, widgets, and menus. Downloadable resources and articles and an end-of-completion certificate are included within the system.

Carrie Dils has been working with WordPress since 1998 as a freelance developer and blogger, creating sites that look beautiful while being functional in design and function. Her goal is to create stunning websites that function efficiently on both levels.

3. WP101

WP101 is an invaluable resource that has educated millions on WordPress since 2008. Since 2008, over 2 million have learned the platform with WP101 as their guide.

Beginner-level learners will find this free course content targeted towards them ideal, offering 23 video tutorials that can be completed at your own pace. However, consider purchasing a membership to access additional courses and resources to expand your knowledge further.

WP101 also features forums and members-only resources, providing additional support from other WordPress users if you’re new or need help finding appropriate tutorials. These resources may prove particularly helpful if you’re just getting started or don’t have enough tutorials.

WP101 is an invaluable resource for WordPress agencies and freelancers looking to provide white-labeled training videos to clients. Their plugin allows them to add customized videos and selectively show/hide videos based on client requirements; its videos have received stellar reviews, are professionally produced, and include closed captions for optimal viewing experience.

4. Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is an online coding school offering instruction in the fundamentals of coding and programming to students of all ages. Their courses are developed by experienced professionals in their respective fields.

They offer courses covering web development, design, and mobile app development – without presuming prior technical knowledge of technical skills.

Their user-friendly interface and 7-day free trial ensure you will love their service before subscribing.

The website provides several tools to track your progress, such as code challenges and quizzes, and projects designed to keep you engaged throughout the course.

Team Treehouse is an invaluable tool for developing the technical skills you need to land a job in tech, offering project-focused teaching methods designed to build professional portfolios. Furthermore, its courses are affordable – subscription tiers vary depending on how much money is in your budget.

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