Top 5 Leather Jacket Brands

Leather jackets are one of the most iconic pieces ever created, boasting an extensive history and essential components in every fashionista’s closet. Select the best leather jacket brand.

But while leather jackets have a timeless appeal, good ones can often be prohibitively costly. That is where California-based brand The Jacket Maker steps in.


Acne is a Swedish label that has grown from part of a design collective into an iconic symbol for contemporary Scandinavian style. Their modern take on minimalist aesthetics is combined with top-quality materials.

One of their best-selling items is the black leather biker jacket. Known for its sleek lines and timeless fit, this piece will become a go-to in your wardrobe for years.

This jacket makes a bold statement with its silver-tone hardware details and standard fit design, featuring a waist belt, zipper closure cuffs, and zipper pockets throughout.

An investment piece that will keep you stylish for years, pair this belt with jeans or a chic dress to complete an elegant look that can be enjoyed today and tomorrow.

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All Saints has built an esteemed reputation for crafting timeless leather jackets that instantly become iconic. No matter your taste – whether edgy biker style or urban elegance is what you seek – AllSaints has something to suit everyone.

Established in East London in 1994, this British label offers high-end leather jackets and biker boots you will wear season after season. Boasting prints you won’t see elsewhere, this British label encourages breaking the rules to create your own rules; an attitude, not a uniform!

This All Saints Milo leather jacket is an unassuming double rider motorcycle jacket featuring an asymmetric front zipper and snap-down lapels, without the extra features typically found on motorcycle jackets such as shoulder epaulets and half belt buckle enclosure on the front.


Belstaff is an iconic British leather jacket brand established in 1924 and best known for its motorcycle, travel, and adventure-inspired clothing. They pride themselves on producing classic designs of robust materials in precise cut styles to satisfy various customer tastes and needs.

Made of Italian leather, Belstaff jackets are a striking addition to any wardrobe and ideal for work and play. Their quilted lining ensures the heat stays close to your skin, while their quilted exterior keeps heat in check, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

This lightweight H2No Performance Standard 2.5-layer nylon material with a Deluge DWR finish laminated visors to the hood and adjustable cuffs boast water-repellency properties. Two front welt and zipped pockets offer convenient access for everyday essentials, while stylish ribbed trims add an elegant finish.

Belstaff jackets are essential for any fashionista, renowned for their timeless designs and flawless craftsmanship. The company’s latest collections combine innovation with tradition to form modern luxury labels ideal for those seeking classic country-chic pieces that last through time.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is an American brand that aims to design long-wearing and more sustainable menswear. Their motto is “wear in, not out,” using sustainable materials like organic cotton.

Their shirts are constructed to stand the test of time, making them heavier yet resilient enough for repeated wear. Furthermore, their bold yet neutral colors will fit seamlessly with any ensemble you wear.

They offer classic jackets to match any man’s style, such as the Schott perfecto featured in Marlon Brando’s film The Wild One, an absolute must for adding elegance and class to his closet.

The Jack Everyday Oxford is another essential from this brand and a customer favorite. Crafted with 100% organic cotton for $98 each in blue, white, charcoal, army green, and straw shades.

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