Personal Information Management Software

Personal information management software (PIM) is designed to assist people in managing appointments, meetings, notes, contacts, and emails efficiently and increase productivity. These tools have also proven highly successful in improving efficiency at work. Find out the best info about ecommerce pim.

Information management (IM) refers to the practice and study of how individuals acquire, create, store, organize, maintain, and retrieve informational items – including documents such as paper files, electronic files, web references, handwritten notes, and email messages – for daily goals (both work-related and otherwise) or roles they hold.


MyInfo is an online personal information management service designed to give citizens and residents of Singapore an easy way to organize, access, consent to the use of, and pre-fill digital forms for government agencies and businesses by eliminating the need to upload supporting documents and saving companies time, effort, and money. MyInfo forms part of Singapore’s National Digital Identity (NDI) program as one of its Smart Nation Strategic National Projects.

Myinfo utilizes both end-to-end and stratified security mechanisms to safeguard your data. By storing it across various systems, hackers made it more difficult to access it. Furthermore, MyInfo’s services feature other helpful tools designed to make managing one’s information simpler for users.

File New Notebook allows you to create a new notebook quickly and easily. Select from the From Template list a notebook template – an ordinary notebook file with special meaning in MyInfo that allows for copy-and-pasting or moving of existing template folder files – before choosing from one or more from MyInfo’s From Template list. You may copy or move files as necessary between folders for adding or removing templates.

MyInfo allows you to customize its font, customize its interface, and make use of templates to organize notes. Furthermore, password protection and automatic updates can be set via the Tools Options command – check or uncheck the Updates & and Privacy option as necessary.


DevonThink is an information management application designed to keep all your digital documents and clippings organized, from receipts and PDF documents, Web bookmarks, and RSS feeds, as well as imported scanned memos or bank statements. Use tags or categories to collect items before using search to locate them when needed quickly.

Devonthink can be used with various third-party plugins to provide more flexible workflow solutions. It synchronizes with Dropbox and other cloud storage services so your files are available across computers; works with Apple Mail/MS Exchange so you can import email/calendar data; integrates seamlessly with Finder; all these services can help make DEVONthink even more helpful!

DevonThink can now be accessed on both iOS and Mac, offering powerful automation options such as intelligent rules and flexible reminders that make delegating repetitive tasks easy. DevonThink even lets users import files from web browsers or folders on desktop computers for seamless working on the go!

OmniFocus can integrate seamlessly with this app to assist with managing projects and actions, store project notes and references in its database, connect to Mind Map software for reference purposes, or store project notes in an independent file system. DEVONtechnologies offers extensive resources online, including a support center and handbooks in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats, as well as an active user community for help and advice on this subject matter.


Efficcess is a full-featured personal information manager designed to keep you organized and plan your work schedule efficiently. It lets you manage contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, diaries, and passwords all from an easy-to-use interface – and syncs your data between PCs and mobile devices seamlessly.

This software comes equipped with many useful features, such as a calendar to help keep track of important dates and events, a to-do list that allows you to prioritize tasks, and a note and journal where you can record your thoughts. Furthermore, this tool offers word processor and spreadsheet functionality, along with safeguards against hackers stealing passwords; additionally, it comes equipped with a recycle bin so you can recover files accidentally deleted by mistake.

Efficcess provides numerous support options, including email and telephone. Their website hosts an FAQs section as well as user guides written in several languages, while the software runs smoothly on various hardware and operating systems; portable versions allow it to be used on multiple computers without additional installation – they’re available free for download from their official website!

SpeedBase Professional

SpeedBase makes it simple and searchable to organize large amounts of information, be it address books, customer databases, or any other type of personal information center, with application templates as well as options to build your customized database – including image storage capabilities and time/task management features.

This program boasts an intuitive browser-like user interface, making it simple for even non-programmers and IT novices to learn quickly. Customization options make this an efficient software solution for both small businesses and individuals, with no complex settings or fields necessary. Multiuser connections with access rights control support, as well as instant messenger functionality, make this software the ideal way to collaborate.

Another key benefit of the software is that you can choose whether to take daily snapshots (database) or backups. Furthermore, you can modify their frequency according to your preference, and cloud backup is also provided. Again, a free trial of the software lasts 30 days; after that, lifetime licenses can be purchased with either monthly or annual payments in order to continue support and upgrades.

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