How to Choose the Right Solar Panel System Installer for Your Home

Choosing the right solar panel system installer can be crucial for your home’s energy production and savings. You’ll want to find a company that uses high-quality products, takes advantage of the available tax credits, and provides financing options like solar loans.

When looking for an installer, look at online reviews from past customers. While star ratings can be skewed, they’ll give you an idea of the installer’s reputation and credibility.


The company’s reputation is among the most critical aspects of choosing a solar installation company. Review sites like the Better Business Bureau and Google can provide insight into how other consumers have rated the company. Still, it would help to remember that reviews can be skewed by who has chosen to write them.

Asking for referrals from friends, family, and coworkers is also an excellent way to determine how satisfied past customers were with their installer in Parker, Colorado. If they were happy with their experience, you would be too.

Other factors to look for in a solar company’s reputation include its adherence to industry standards, ability to help you take advantage of state and federal incentives, and the type of warranty offered. The best solar companies will offer guarantees ranging from manufacturers to workmanship warranties. They should also provide a visual of your solar energy system’s appearance on your roof and a detailed proposal with all costs included.


Choosing an experienced solar company helps ensure the quality of your system. A seasoned company will have more familiarity with the different types of equipment, local regulations, incentives, and pitfalls that can be encountered. Ask potential installers about their background and check out testimonials on their websites.

It is also good to ask friends and neighbors who have gone solar whether they were satisfied with their installer. They may even be able to recommend one. Using consumer review sites or visit is also a good idea.

Also, it is essential to know if an installer uses its crew or subcontracts for part of the installation process. If they do, be sure to find out how much of the work they do themselves and how they oversee the subcontractors. It would help if you also learned whether they have a labor warranty, which typically covers design and construction for 1 to 10 years.


When choosing a solar company, you want one that provides quality equipment and affordable pricing. You also need a company that will be around when the system needs maintenance or replacement. Check a company’s history and determine its length in the industry.

Top solar companies typically offer warranties to cover their products. These usually include a product and power warranty covering electricity generation. The product warranty typically covers manufacturer defects. The workmanship warranty generally covers any issues with the installation process. Some solar installers may provide additional guarantees for other components like inverters.

Some manufacturers also allow you to transfer the solar panel’s warranty to a future homeowner if you decide to sell your home. This is an excellent feature because it protects your investment and makes the home more attractive to potential buyers. Some solar installation companies offer additional insurance, such as workers’ compensation and liability.


Understanding the breakdown of costs for any solar energy system is essential. The price of panels, inverters, and add-on accessories play a role. However, other factors also influence installation costs, including panel size, peak sunlight hours, local electricity rates, and federal or state incentives. During the sales process, your solar company should be able to design an optimal system for your home and provide you with a detailed quote, including all costs. In addition, they should handle any required permits and interconnection fees to the power grid.

After you have narrowed down your installer choices, ask for references. Talking to people who have already gone solar is an excellent way to get a first-hand account of their installation experience. This can help you gauge how responsive, communicative, and helpful the installers were. It can also give you confidence in the quality of their work and warranties. The more information you have, the better your chances of finding a reliable and affordable installer.

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