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Palm Springs movie review,” directed by Max Barbakow (in his first feature picture), is a fascinating and thought-provoking experience. It will make you laugh out loud several times.

Despite the comedy, the picture hits an unexpectedly delicate, with humor tempered by sadness, loneliness, and helplessness. “Palm Springs” is a covert operation; it doesn’t make its tone known in broad strokes.

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There’s deception: based on the opening sequence, when a group of individuals assembled in Palm Springs for a wedding, you may believe this is just another party-out-of-town kooky-family-ensemble film. “Palm Springs,” on the other hand, is full of surprises. So, let us learn more about surprises in the movie.

Palm Springs movie review

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Important characters

Nyles and Sarah are played by Samberg and Milioti, respectively. He is one of the bridesmaids’ boyfriends. She is the bride’s younger sister. Both are secondary to the wedding and, indeed, to the individuals in their immediate vicinity. Both have concluded that life has no significance, that we are all alone anyway, and that weddings, love, and other fancy labels we have given to props keep us from being sad all of the time.

At the center of the story is Nyles, dating Misty, Tala’s bridesmaid, whose wedding will take place in Palm Springs. Nyles is an outsider during this wedding until he meets Sarah, Tala’s sister, treated as an outsider.

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In an attempt to impress Sarah, he offers a superbly bland speech that concludes on this note: “…but always remember: you are not alone.” Only when Sarah succumbs to his charms does he contradict himself. “All of that is foolishness.” “We’re all on our own.”

They make love in caves and mountains before Roy (JK Simmons), who looks like he’s right out of Arrow, shoots arrows at Nyles, and puts an end to their romantic adventures.

When Roy exchanges greetings with Nyles at the wedding, he remarks, “Marriage is a deep pit of sadness that makes you forget who you are.” Thanks to Nyles, who brought him to a secret cave that stays a mystery until the end, Roy is likewise caught in a time loop. His character looks to have been added solely for dramatic purposes and for Nyles to have a heart-to-heart chat with him about life, which, as you can expect, is a cliche.


Nyles is already locked in this ‘box’ when the story begins. We get to see Sarah’s reactions as she comes to terms with her eternal fate. The end product is terrifying, humorous, and perplexing all at the same time. ‘Palm Springs’ plays to the strengths of its lead couple in terms of tone. Andy Samberg’s comedic timing and charm make the film light even when the subject matter becomes mystical.

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His easy connection with Cristin Milioti makes them a fantastic team to root for as they relive the same day again and over again. Milioti’s Sarah, as a companion to Samberg’s conventional yet adorable man-child image in Nyles, conducts more emotional processing of their circumstance in an outstanding performance.

Palm Springs movie review

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“Palm Springs” is romantic in a way that feels. People get hurt by past love experiences, so they build walls themselves to protect themselves from harm. It becomes a habit, and your personality is a result of the habit. “Wait until the right person comes along” suggests that people remain as vulnerable and open as they were when they were younger. When you’ve been smacked around by life, though, love isn’t always a joyful experience. Regret, anxiety, and mistrust are all devastating side effects of love. “Palm Springs” delves into all of it.

Palm Springs is a light romantic comedy that will only appeal to fans of the time-travel theme.

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