Marketing of the Site: How Popular Is My Website?

How much traffic I am getting is one of the most crucial things to ask if you operate a website. This is typically a question that would interest you, regardless of the reason you started a website. Knowing how many people are visiting your website or blog should at least get your attention, even if its only intended use is to enlighten and amuse its visitors. I’ll include a few useful apps, websites, and resources in this post that I’ve come across that are both interesting and practical.

Internet Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytical tool that provides you with information about the traffic to your website and the success of your marketing campaigns. You may view and analyze the traffic to your website using the simple capabilities included in the Google Analytics dashboard. Thanks to Google Analytics, you are more informed about the origin of your traffic and the terms that led that traffic to your website. Even if you aren’t marketing a product, Google Analytics may be a fun tool to check who is visiting your website.

Google Analytics is free to use, and signing up is simple. The tracking code on your website can be the only issue you run into. You must include the code to each page to track every page on your website. It is straightforward to do if you use something like a server-side inclusion, which automatically appears on all of your site’s pages. The tracking code only has to be included in the “include” and will show up on all your sites. When you sign up for Google Analytics, Google produces the code for you to add to your website. When you add the code and log in to your dashboard, you can view a variety of information about your visitors, like their screen resolution, the type of browser they are using, where they are located geographically, what keyword drove them to your site, and even the color of their socks. Yeah, everything but the color of the socks, which I put in to test if you were paying attention.

Just type “Google Analytics” into the search bar to join up for the service. On the search results page, a link will lead you to the sign-up page.

Chrome Extension

A Google Toolbar is another excellent product from Google. Google will soon rule the world. The Google Toolbar provides several functions, including a search area that is already integrated so you may start your search without going to the Google website. The Google Toolbar has many other unique features that I won’t go into here, but I frequently use the page rank indicator. Google rates a web page’s importance on a scale of one to ten by assigning it a page rank. naturally gets a page rank of 10. Any new site will initially have a page rank of 0, and it typically won’t increase until Google has crawled the area and determined that it has relevant material.

A drop-down arrow next to the page rank indicator displays all of the backlinks to the page you are viewing that Google has indexed. You can search for this information as well.

In the Google search bar, type “link: a target=” new” rel=”nofollow” href=””>>. (Of course, you should substitute your domain name for “my domain”). Use the drop-down arrow next to the page rank indication to look at the backward links to a page more quickly. You may even utilize this to check out links leading to the pages of your rivals. You might come upon a directory or other website you could approach about linking to your website. I’ll let you do a little investigating since there are many more buttons and tools on a Google Toolbar, such as the one that allows you to share the page you’re watching with Facebook pals.

Enter the “Google toolbar” into your search engine to access it.

Sight Meter

I also discovered a traffic counter to be a helpful tool. Undoubtedly, many excellent products are available that can monitor the traffic to your website. Site meter is one that I enjoy. Even if you use the free version, it is barely noticeable on your website. I can’t comment on the benefit of utilizing the site meter in the commercial edition because I haven’t used it.

You get roughly the same data from the site meter as from Google Analytics but in real time. To be very honest, I like the cool logo that is added to your page when the tracking code is applied. It’s not quite as apparent as traffic counters that show a running total of visitors on some websites, which I’ve seen. Your website’s logo lets visitors know how many people visit and how many pages are seen there. Of course, depending on whether you’re happy with how many people are visiting your website, this could be positive or negative.

Search Engine Rankings by Mike

I frequently utilize this website. The capability to compare how your site ranks for specific keywords across other search engines is the feature I enjoy. You enter your domain name in one form and the term you are interested in in a different field. When you press the enter key, results showing your site’s position for the selected phrase across eight search engines appear. I know tools like Web CEO can perform this task for various keywords. I like how easy it is to acquire information online and how quickly a program starts. Also, I appreciate that using it is free.

Mike’s Marketing Tools is the website name that hosts this page rank tool. Mike places several advertisements on the website for various web hosting services and SEO tools. None of the products promoted on the website have I utilized. If Mike searches for his website and comes across this page, he will probably not be pleased to hear that. You might come across a tool or service that you like there, and if you do, I will have helped Mike in some small way since his ranking tool has been so helpful to me.

Visit to access the free page ranking tool.

I’m hoping that at least one of the resources suggested in this article may be helpful to you. I would appreciate feedback on any more tools or devices you may have used for your website.

Note from Contributor

For full disclosure, I have no financial stake in any of the stated goods or websites. I do not participate in affiliate marketing or receive payment from the sites mentioned. Use your best judgment regarding the suitability of any products you decide to use from one of these websites. I’ve only tried the free versions, so I can’t speak to how the premium or paid versions operate.

I’m not an authority on search engine optimization or how to increase website traffic. I only give these suggestions as resources I have found beneficial while selling paintings at com. Bob Odom.

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