How to Find the Best Mattress Store and Buy One: 7 Easy Steps

FINALLY! You’ve discovered a mattress store, found the one you want, and believe you got a great deal. The mattress appears at your door, nothing like what you expected. Furthermore, it’s stained all over. You phone the mattress store, and they say they were out of stock on your mattress and delivered this one instead (without notifying you!). The ____ word goes here. The worst thing is… Unfortunately, you have discarded the old one to create room for the new mattress. Tonight, you’ll most likely have to sleep on the floor.

Most individuals don’t know how to shop for a mattress or choose the correct mattress retailer, so unfortunately, stories like these are somewhat prevalent. The person I described in the previous paragraph maybe you. An investment as substantial as a mattress can only be made with due diligence on the part of the store you choose to meet your needs. Even if you still end up with a lousy mattress from someplace like Shysters Discount Mattresses after taking these precautions, at least you’ll have peace of mind.

First, consult your social circle.

You can get started with this. There’s a decent chance you have a friend or family member who has just purchased a mattress and can advise you on where to shop. Don’t base your decisions on this data alone. Your friend’s positive experience does not guarantee that everyone will react similarly.

Step 2: Browse the company’s website for helpful resources.

Is there a reliable website I can visit? Most dependable mattress stores now have an online presence. To learn about a store’s refund, return, and exchange policies, look for “frequently asked questions” or “customer support” in the store’s menu. I was wondering how much the upgrade fee would be if you wanted to switch models. There are mattress stores that charge exorbitantly. Exchanging a queen set costs $250 (or $399 for a king set), plus $79 for redelivery and the difference between the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and the discount price. Some mattress stores’ costs are so high that they make you wonder, “Why don’t you just take my unborn child while you’re at it?” Examine the small print!

Step 3: Go to Google and look up the mattress store you want to buy from, followed by the words “Complaints” or “Lawsuits” in quotation marks.

See what kind of feedback this mattress shop gets from customers and whether any legal actions have been taken against them.

Customer complaints are inevitable for any business, especially those with a significant consumer base. It’s impossible to please everyone, but if 50 pages of complaints pop up when you search for your company online, it should raise some warning flags. So many times that I’ve lost track, a New York mattress store has been sued and punished for false advertising, selling defective merchandise, and engaging in deceptive sales techniques. The advertising makes it seem like you can trust them so that you wouldn’t know any different. If you have to deal with this mattress store, you might as well sleep on a bed of blades.

Step four: evaluate online mattress discussion boards with caution.

Due to the open nature of the site, it is hard to verify the authenticity of its user base. It’s common for them to be either retailers attempting to boost their reputations or competitors attacking one another. It would be best to learn how to sort through the rubbish to get the valuable information occasionally posted here. But if too many people complain about this mattress store, I wouldn’t buy from them.

Step 5: Confirm that the mattress salesperson serves you in your best interest.

A dependable salesperson should act more like a consultant while assisting you in your search for the ideal bed. The facts of life vary for each person. You should be asked questions tailored to your unique requirements before being presented with a solution. If they try to “close” you on a particular mattress until you feel like slapping them (don’t smack them…I don’t want to get letters), or if they insist on selling you a specific mattress, you should be suspicious.

Their responses to your questions shouldn’t show any signs of spin or avoidance. If you have a lot of questions (such, “What’s the secret to life?”—wait, no, don’t ask that—they might answer, “Buy lots of mattresses and only from me”), jot them down so you don’t forget to ask them.

Sixth, document all of your discussions.

Sincere salespeople are sometimes challenging to come by. This is why a written agreement is crucial. If available, mattress brands and item numbers should be listed on your shopping list. Obtain everything in writing so there’s no misunderstanding if you obtain special pricing or the company promises something outside their standard policy. Someone who refuses to put things in writing should be treated with suspicion. French fries that come with your purchase at no extra cost should be clearly stated on the bill.

Step 7: Check your mattress out thoroughly before signing anything.

Be sure to check the mattress for the name you provided when it is delivered. The model name will be labeled on the mattress in some fashion. Make sure the bed has its law tag and is free of filth, tears, rips, stains, burns, and holes (this is not a joke; believe me, I’ve heard it all).

If you follow these guidelines, you can rest assured that you are working with a reputable mattress retailer. Even if you believe you are receiving a terrific price, be prepared to walk away if any red flags appear. There’s a good chance that a competitor just down the block will match your offer while providing service and a track record that far exceeds your expectations.

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