7 Simple Steps to Get Your House in Order Today

Everything in its place, and its place in everything. Doesn’t that sound simple? And yet, many of us continue to be chaotic. Where did all this mess originate? What are we supposed to do with it? Here are seven simple suggestions to help you get your life in order.

First, look at the big picture of what makes an organization tick. There should be a place for everything, from clothes to paperwork to the car. Storage for anything, large or small. Something you use every day, and maybe even multiple times a day, ought to be within easy reach. You might utilize paper clips daily if you work from home, in a virtual office, or both. Put them where you can quickly grab them from your desk. Perhaps the stapler is only used once or twice weekly in your house. Having a stapler hidden away is fine; you only need to use it once or twice a week, so it doesn’t need to be in plain sight. This is where cleanliness and order shine. The option is up to you. Let’s say I ask if you mind retrieving a stapler from a nearby drawer. Then let’s make it easily accessible to you. Let’s say it lives on the right side of your workstation. Your stapler now resides in its designated spot. However, you take it from the left side of your desk, use it, and then place it back without a second thought.

Think about doing that 20 or 30 times a day. You take something out of its customary resting place and place it somewhere. What are you left with if you do this with 20 or 30 things in your office daily? Indeed, that is the case. Your desk is a hot mess, But there is one rule you must obey, so don’t lose hope. You need only attempt to restore order and return everything to its proper spot. Replace the stapler on the right side of your desk immediately. This guideline is universal; therefore, consider it in force anywhere. We’ve already established that this is simple in practice and lives up to its reputation. Just give it a shot and see what develops. Here are seven suggestions to help you get going.

Paper clutter is probably the most common complaint about organizing, so if this is your issue, you are not alone. It’s no secret that mail can quickly build up. As soon as you get your mail, sort it. Unopened junk mail should be disposed of soon by shredding, recycling, or throwing it away. Keep your bills and other mail separate. If you don’t have anywhere to put things in these groups, you need two of something—baskets, files, anything. You already knew to separate your bills and personal mail into separate boxes.

Strategy – Being in a time crunch can make you feel unorganized. If you know you’ll be busy in the morning, it can help to get a head start the night before by writing out your to-do list and prioritizing it. Make your clothing selections for the next day and lay them out the night before to save yourself time in the morning. Prepare your coffee the night before if you drink it. If your coffee maker doesn’t have a timer, don’t fret. Simply pour the appropriate amount of coffee grounds into the filter and fill the water reservoir. Brewing coffee is a quick process. In the morning, when you first get up, head straight for the kitchen and hit the coffee maker’s brew button. You won’t even notice when it’s finished.

How often have you gone frantically searching for stamps, an envelope, and a pen to get something in the mail? This is a perfect illustration of what we mean when we suggest to keep like things together. These are the bare minimums you’ll need to mail anything. Then why not house them separately? Get a lovely basket or another container you prefer, and put all your mail-related items in there. Envelopes, paper, and note cards of various sizes are all examples of this. Do you print out and misplace emails? Create a file to store all of your printed emails. Put all of your kitchen measuring tools in one drawer or cabinet. Cups and spoons for measuring, a large spoon, a mixing bowl, and your mixer. Are costs piling up? You don’t need me to tell you where to get your stationery. Separate your bills into their folder. Once you begin to think about it, you will realize how many similarities there are.

Time is money; therefore, learn to multitask. Is a visit to the dentist mandatory? Grab a book you’ve meant to get to but haven’t the time for. Does the dog walk? Attempt to spend more time together outside, and make each outing consist of a quick walk. Jog or run if you’re able to. Both you and Fido will benefit from the activity. Which is more enjoyable: mindless pacing on a treadmill or a brisk walk/jog with your dog? Want to watch TV but have to pay bills? Get your bill payment supplies together and relax in front of the TV while you take care of business. Trying to pick up some foreign tongues? Obtain the CDs and listen to them while driving.

Prepare Your Weekly Meals – The advantages of this are beyond your wildest dreams. Having a plan for what you’ll eat every night might relieve stress. Put together a food plan and display it proudly on the fridge. It will help you save cash in the grocery store, too. With your planned meals in hand, avoiding overbuying is much simpler.

The time it takes to put things away is little. How many of us, though, come inside and immediately throw our coats over the back of a chair instead of putting them up in the closet or even on a coat hook? Get the rest of the family involved by asking them to clean up. If all else fails, designate a time each day for everyone to go through the house, pick up their belongings, and return them to their proper locations. Ten to fifteen minutes should be set up for this. Your family may become more prompt about returning things to their right places once this task intrudes on their preferred pastimes.

Create More Room at Your House – Install shelves by organizing a dumping ground closet. With frames, you can keep much more space and quickly find what you need. Invest in cubes that can be stacked and placed side by side. Many of these can be purchased with baskets designed to fit into the available spaces, expanding their usefulness even further. Do you have a bureau or chest of drawers that is only partially stocked? Put things you use infrequently in those drawers.
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