How do you choose the name of your company: suggestions

A company’s name business is a major factor in determining its fate. If you don’t make the right decision, it’ll be difficult to be successful even with a great product. In the event of trying to market your product internationally, you can be a disaster when you don’t be aware of the specifics of the national mindset and translation. Turbo logo teaches you how to pick a name that is appropriate and to avoid making mistakes.

The impact and function of the name and the

A successful name isn’t an assurance of commercial success and failure with a high likelihood will result in failure. In the 1990s in the 90s, the Russian market began selling baby food products under the of Bleeding. Due to obvious reasons, sales didn’t go well. In the Spanish-speaking nations, they refused to purchase the Mitsubishi Pajero because “pajero” is a vulgar swear word that refers to homosexuals. There are plenty of instances.

Names of business is often the first thing that a customer considers when purchasing an item. It should not trigger negative feelings and negative associations. In this instance, if you wish to improve the recognition of your brand, you must pick a unique name that distinguishes you from the competition and be remembered by the public.

But, having too much originality isn’t always a good thing. It is ideal to have the name clearly from the operations of the business, but it’s not always the case. In the case of giants such as Google, Mars, McDonald’s, and Cian men do not declare anything, however, they have not stopped them from becoming experts in their field. Be aware of the possibility of linking the domain name to your name or the business. This does not mean that they’re identical however the connection semantically is required to be present. If you are planning to enter the global market, be sure that the translation is not ambiguous and does NOT result in negative associations within the country that exports.

How do you choose an appropriate name for your business?

Sometimes the solution is provided by itself However, more often, you need to contemplate it long and deeply about the issue. There are many ways to name it. Let’s take a look at the most well-known one.

  • Make use of the surnames and names of the creators

You’ve probably seen the signage above beauty stores and salons: “Olga”, “Elena”, “Lily” and similar. This is the simplest method to name a business. It’s also simple, if you are a local business, it’s fairly common. Naturally, when within the city you work in, there is an institution that has an identical name, it’s not necessary to repeat it.

You are able to modify the name. For instance, Maxim Rozdukhov called his chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets “Maxi” – not a choice, as it’s not shy to be a part of the local market.

A variety of clothing, footwear bags, cosmetics, and perfume brands have names for their founders: Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, and many others. They are big brands that have a long history however, there are also contemporary instances: Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner and Fenty Beauty by Robin Rihanna Fenty Both brands are well-known around the world.

The same is true for alcohol-based beverages and car brands. Ford, Porsche, Toyota, Maybach, Chrysler, and Ferrari are the names given to the people who invented them. Cognac house Hennessy as well as winemaker Moet & Chandon, whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s, and many more are named after the people who founded them.

  • Try out aliases and nicknames

If the previous method failed, think about using nicknames your family or friends have given you. This could be the starting point for a fantastic idea.

For instance, Mercedes was named after an individual with this name. Her father was an affluent Austrian businessman who purchased automobiles from Gottlieb Daimler. In the end, the combination of two rival firms created the Mercedes-Benz brand.

  • Use patronymics

Some names are patronyms which is patronymics or variations of these names. For example, cakes “U Palych”, building materials store “Petrovich”, St. Petersburg Abrasive Factory “Ilyich” – all this might sound like a lot of awe however, that’s the way it is calculated. It helps create a trusting image that is appropriate for the people.

  • Toponyms

Begin with geographical names like water bodies, populated areas mountain peaks, and so on. Most likely, companies with these names are already in existence and it is crucial to be involved in various actions.

The chain of supermarkets “Everest”, the restaurant “Prague”, the cafe “Italy”, and the company “Gardens of Pridonja” are named in accordance with this principle. A company that produces and distribution of alcohol made from Nemiroff in Ukraine has been a bit imaginative as well as the Nemiroff brand came out.

Also, the idea of “quasi-toponyms” – fictitious names of objects. Examples: “Vkusnoteevo”, “Udoevo village”, “Sportlandia”.

  • Nature’s phenomena and objects

This could refer to a range of terms from geology, and meteorology including flora and fauna. For example, there are stores “Crystal”, “Emerald”, “Diamond Holding”, an organization called “Magma”, several firms that go by names like “Sunflower”, the distributor of toys for children “Kotik”. It also includes the giant’s Puma, Amazon, and Wildberries.

  • Alliteration

The process is based on the repetition of similar or identical consonantal sounds. This results in a distinct visual appeal and is etched into the brain of the user. Examples: Chupa-Chups, Coca-Cola, KitKat, Crunch Brunch.

  • Sound imitation

It creates an associative relationship with the product. Schweppes is a fizzy beverage drink that opens with the same sound. “Agusha” is the word that “Agusha” reminds a child of their babbling. Tuc – that’s the sound that comes from breaking cookies. The travel website will let you hear the squeak of wheels on trains. In the event that the location is suitable for your particular field of work, You can think of a memorable name.

  • Literature, history, mythology

Use nicknames and names of famous characters as well as fictional ones. For example, restaurant “Griboedov”, Residential Complex “Onegin” and “Mayakovsky”, LLC “Minotaur”, LLC “PK “Theseus”, store “Snow Queen” A trading online platform Alibaba Examples abound.

You can take as the basis of places, objects, and phenomena from literature or folk art: “Scarlet Sails”, TM “Tablecloth-Samobranka”, “Prostokvashino”.


If you follow our suggestions, you’ll be successful:

  1. Don’t overcomplicate the title, as often it’s more effective to go with something simpler and more sonic like the original but not too catchy.
  2. It is nice to be simple however, imagination and creativity can also be a factor to ensure that the more intriguing names can get a greater share of the population than those who are boring and standard.
  3. Choose a few ideas that you are most comfortable with and then conduct the poll among your family, acquaintances, and your friends. Find out which names appeal to them most, and choose the best option from the information you gather.
  4. Don’t search for a fashionable name, but instead, look for a timeless one, as fashions are a thing of the past and classics last for a long time.


The name of the company is a crucial element in the creation of an efficient and successful business. Therefore, you’ll catch the attention of your customers and will be heard by all people’s radars. However, bear in mind that this kind of effect will only be achieved by having a name that is well-chosen.

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