WHAT RODE MIC IS WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT 2020: Comparing the Rode VideoMicro to the Rode VideoMic Pro+

Is the Rode VideoMic Pro+ worth the investment?! Comparing the Rode VideoMicro to the Rode VideoMic Pro+ to help you figure out what Rode microphone is worth the investment for your YouTube channel… opinions from a non-techy YouTuber lol.

○ Rode VideoMicro – http://bit.ly/32P3bRm
○ Rode VideoMic Pro+ – http://bit.ly/2IGDrgF

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○ What I Did To Make My YouTube Videos Better – https://youtu.be/-KFSemsAv8o

As you guys know, a couple of months ago I decided to invest in my YouTube channel by improving my audio quality with the Rode VideoMicro. Now, this is one of their more affordable and honestly cheaper mics. So I was curious, is the pricey mic worth the investment?! Will it really improve your audio quality that much. Now, I should note that I’m not a tech person. I’m just a YouTuber who wants to know what’s the best equipment for creating YouTube videos. So in this video, I share my thoughts, do an audio test indoors and outdoors, and ultimately, I want you guys to tell me if you think it’s worth the price! – XO, Cathrin

**this video was not sponsored by Rode but the VideoMic Pro+ was gifted to me.

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