Discover the Best of Polish Television in the USA: Watch Your Favorite Shows Now!

Artisans were the first Poles to set foot onto Northern American soil in 1608. They contributed to the development of the new colonies. The enormous immigration wave happened in the middle of the XVII century. At that time, a few hundred Polish settlers founded a town named Panna Maria. Four hundred years later, i.e., at present, the number of Americans of Polish descent amount to more than 10 million. For comparison, the population of Poland is almost 38 million people. Such an influential diaspora is willing to stay connected to its country of origin. And one of the critical tools helping to accomplish this task is Polish TV over the Internet in the USA on https://polbox.tv.

Everything You Need to Know about Polish Television Online: Access, Content, and More!

Polish belongs to the Slavic language family and is spoken by approximately 40 million people worldwide. On the other hand, English represents an entirely different branch of the Proto-Indo-European language tree. This means that while residing in the US, a Polish-speaking person risks losing touch with their mother tongue, which is quickly supplanted by the local jabber.

Polish TV in the USA is a unique source of the pure Polish language. The service provides all kinds of video and audio content coming directly from Poland:

  • movies,
  • talk shows,
  • news,
  • programs,
  • music, etc.

Internet TV gives access to:

  • 120+ television channels,
  • 3,000+ HD films on-demand,
  • variety of radio stations.

One of the critical providers of Polish TV over the Internet in the USA is the PolBox.TV company.

Chose PolBox.TV as your agent


Online TV is the latest accomplishment of the hi-tech revolution in the area earlier occupied by television. With PolBox.TV brings new opportunities to customers’ attention:

  • availability in all kinds of locations (cities, rural areas, mountains, deserts, woods, etc.) even with slow internet connection;
  • possibility to use any device for streamings;
  • no need for additional appliances like reception dishes, antennas, bulky hardware, or cables.

Polish TV on the Internet is easily installed and adjusted by the user:

  • watch different content on four separate devices
  • protect children with Parental lock
  • download programs and keep them in the archive for the next 14 days
  • move the timetable according to your lifestyle
  • take advantage of free and unlimited tech support to enhance your experience

Along with all those mentioned above, turn the Polish TV online on or off whenever necessary so that you do not have to waste money paying for the time when you are not using it.

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