Chopper One Piece Merchandise

One Piece Chopper merchandise effectively shows your support for the anime and manga series One Piece. This life-size plush of Chopper will surely amaze fans. The Amazing fact about one piece merch.

Chopper is an endearing reindeer transformed by eating Hito Hito no Mi, a devil fruit that allows him to transform into human form at will. He serves as a doctor for the Straw Hat Pirates and is much loved by their crew.

Chopper Variable Action Heroes Figure

Chopper stands 3.3″, making him one of Megahouse’s Variable Action Heroes series figures, combining high-quality action figures with collectible statues to bring some character and variety to any One Piece display or home. He features multiple facial expressions, adjustable arms and legs, and can even stand up. A great way to add uniqueness and personality to any One Piece display or home!

Chopper is the medical droid of the Straw Hat Pirates, with a firm moral code and professional dedication that make him stand out among his peers. He believes it is his duty as a doctor to help save people, becoming outraged when someone treats life without proper respect – as was seen when Dr. Hogback treated patients and zombies callously or when Caesar Clown used Queen Elizabeta’s Ice Oni against the Mink Tribe.

Chopper stands out among his peers with morality and intelligence; his expertise makes him known as “Tonitonichiyotsupa,” or Cotton Candy Lover. He uses his medical science knowledge to heal himself and others, even devising antidotes for harmful marine toxins!

Chopper remains naive and timid around unfamiliar people despite his intelligence, acting much like a child around newcomers and having the habit of peeking at anyone who enters his sight. His fear can be explained as childish innocence rooted in childhood shelteredness rather than self-defense or insecurity-based cowardice like Nami or Usopp’s.

Chopper has found much motivation from Luffy since joining the crew. While Hiriluk introduced him to the concept of pirate flags, witnessing Luffy was his first experience of a real pirate ship; seeing this made Chopper understand the value of his mission more fully and was a significant turning point for him.

Chopper Ichiban Figure

The Chopper Ichiban Figure makes an excellent addition to any One Piece collection. Displayed in its clear window box for ease of display, this non-articulated figurine depicts Chopper flying through the air with dramatic expression. It is a perfect gift for One Piece fans and an outstanding addition to any home or office environment!

This Ichiban Kuji figure showcases the iconic character’s signature pose with his plushie companion. Crafted and designed perfectly, this must-have for show fans makes an excellent present on any special occasion!

Ichiban Kuji sessions have been widely available across Japan since 2003, featuring exclusive posters and cards as prizes. Starting in March 2008, more sessions featured items you couldn’t find anywhere else; these exclusive items provided an extra incentive to participate.

Banpresto then started adding super deformed characters to anime titles under their Ichiban Kuji brand, giving these sessions their name, meaning “world of cute characters” or kiyunkiyarawarudo kyun in Japanese. This word describes girls tightening their chest when seeing ” more ” things,” prompting an instant tightening in chest muscles (onomatopoeia in Japanese).

Ichiban Kuji recently hosted its latest session in early December 2010. To commemorate Chopper’s birthday, prizes included plush toys such as his giant plush and diorama figure, an art cushion, key chains, and even a mug! With such great One Piece prizes and unique ways of commemorating it! This one-piece figure stands 3.9 inches in height, making this a fantastic way to show your support!

Chopper One Piece 20th Anniversary Figure

Chopper is one of the most beloved characters from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece series. A reindeer-turned-hybrid who consumed Hitohito no Mi, Chopper can transform himself into various hybrid and human forms at will, serving as both sixth member of Straw Hat Pirates as doctor, as well as being used as franchise mascot and appearing on numerous merchandise items such as T-shirts and posters.

Since joining Usopp’s crew, the chopper’s maturity and confidence have come a long way. Instead of striving to appear human-like, he’s focused on helping them. Additionally, his sense of humor has come out, particularly his tendency to insult people outright or claim compliments don’t make him happy (in an endearing fashion!). However, he remains young enough that his ability to transform into human forms is unmastered.

Chopper fiercely protects Nami, always coming quickly to her aid when she feels threatened or scared. He was the first to support her following Hogback’s betrayal and was devastated to learn of Absalom’s plans to stalk her. Chopper is one of the youngest members of the Straw Hat Pirates but considers them his family.

Bandai’s non-scale figure of Chopper from One Piece is an absolute must-have. Crafted to look realistic, with incredible attention paid to his fluffy hat details that bring depth, texture, and vibrant paint jobs, this masterpiece comes complete with its display stand.

Banpresto released this limited-edition figure to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the One Piece anime series. Only available through an exclusive resellers and game centers campaign that ran in late August 2010, only 100 figures were produced, and each came with a poster that contained a QR code so you could scan it and obtain information about its respective formation.

Chopper One Piece Variable Action Heroes Figure

Chopper One Piece Variable, Action Heroes Figure, stands approximately 3.1″, boasting realistic detailing in sculpture and decoration. Highly poseable and offering multiple different expressions as well as an interchangeable hat, it makes an excellent present for fans of the series.

One of the Straw Hat Pirates’ six members, Chopper, is a reindeer that consumed Hitohito no Mi to become a human-reindeer hybrid. He dreams of becoming a fantastic doctor capable of curing any disease and wants to travel the world to pursue his ambition.

Though naive, Chopper upholds high moral standards and is determined to aid those in need – particularly his fellow Devil Fruit users such as Nami and Usopp, whom he greatly respects. Unfortunately, he exhibits cowardly tendencies when confronted by unfamiliar humans like Wapol, who insulted Hiriluk’s death.

Chopper is an admirer of Zoro and often imitates his behavior. He strongly supports Luffy’s dream and will jump into the ocean to save him, even though this makes Usopp jealous. Chopper is very affectionate towards his crewmates, showing their affection through kisses and hugs.

Chopper may admire his abilities, yet is insecure and dismisses compliments as not providing lasting satisfaction. Furthermore, he finds it hard to trust others, often shuddering when people try to touch him directly, making his hybrid form uncomfortable and making Chopper even less trustworthy than before. Chopper becomes particularly outraged at Caesar Clown’s experiments on children he kidnapped for experimentation. Yet despite this anger, he continues to help those in need, such as treating members of the Mink Tribe who are victims of Caesar’s artificial diseases. Chopper is a considerate and thoughtful crew member whose affection for them helps him overcome any internal doubts he might harbor. He attempts to teach them his team battle tactics, particularly Zoro and Luffy. Among these techniques are specifics such as striking directly at an enemy’s head instead of their body.

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