Auricle Piercings Quietly Trending This Year

Of all the unique piercing trends gaining popularity this year, the auricle piercing is quickly emerging as a surprise hit. This delicate ear cartilage piercing manages to be subtle yet make an impactful style statement. Here’s what you need to know about the auricle piercing, the understated piercing quietly taking over in 2023. To find more, check on AMERICANPIERCING.COM

What Is an Auricle Piercing?

The auricle piercing is located on the cartilage around the outer ear, specifically through the inner fold called the antihelix. It’s’ above the more common tragus piercing and runs vertically rather than horizontally.

Piercers usually use a small gauge needle or piercing gun to create the auricle piercing. Healing time ranges from 1 to 6 months. Once healed, a tiny stud or hoop can be worn to accentuate this delicate area.

Why Auricle Piercings Are Trending

While less flashy than some piercings, the auricle has some advantages that make it appealing:

– Unique look – The article’s placement provides a piercing style you don’t see every day.

– Versatile jewelry – Studs, hoops, drops, and more suit this versatile piercing.

– Elegant style – Its delicate nature and jewelry options give it an elegant vibe.

– Understated – It’s’ eye-catching but more low-key than a facial or earlobe piercing.

– On trend – As more celebrities and influencers get it, the auricle piercing gains steam.

– Intriguing placement – Its unexpected location adds intrigue and mystique.

Get Creative with Your Auricle Piercing

The auricle piercing lends itself to small, subtle jewelry, but you can still stand out with the right piece:

– Gem studs – Diamond or gemstone auricle earrings offer a glamorous touch.

– Polished metals – Go for sleek silver, gold, or black metal hoops.

– Charms – Mini charms in the auricle spot add a whimsical accent.

– Chains – Delicate chains hanging from the piercing amp up the style.

– Piercing pairs – Try complementing your auricle piercing with a helix or tragus piercing.

Be the Auricle Piercing Trendsetter

Looking to get ahead of the next big piercing trend? The versatile and elegant auricle piercing is poised to be the breakout hit of 2023. Let your auricle piercing speak volumes about your trendsetting style this year.

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