Choosing a Designer Dog Harness

Designer dog harnesses have quickly become a favorite among both owners and their canines alike. While collars can pose risks to small breeds prone to collapsed trachea, harnesses provide more even pressure distribution on the chest and abdomen rather than their necks. Pick out the designer harness for small dogs.

Our product tester was impressed with this harness’s front leash attachment for correcting pulling, as it made fitting simple and comfortable. Furthermore, the locking collar buckle proved useful against bolting dogs.


Designer dog harnesses are tailored to make walking your pup an enjoyable experience, from padding on their chest plates and backs and shoulders, soft materials against your pet’s skin, leash attachment points on its back or chest area, and reflective stitching to providing reflective stitching and padding on its handle.

Selecting an ideal designer dog harness depends on several factors, including size, temperament, and walking style preferences. A harness offers greater control than collars do compared to pulling on them, which may cause tracheal collapse for smaller breeds; for larger dogs, a harness may help with managing powerful movements, while no-pull training or reinforcing proper leash manners can also benefit greatly from having one equipped with front leash clips and front leash clip can help retrain them on appropriate leash behavior.

Explore our top-ranked designer dog harnesses for adventure, training, and controlling solid pullers. Many harnesses feature quick-release buckles or step-in designs with step-in designs that eliminate the need for pulling over one’s head when put on or taken off; plus, they can easily be cleaned by hand or damp cloth for quick cleanup after each wear session. Select your ideal harness that matches the personality of your pet, then pick up matching leads, collars, and poop bag holders to complete their look!


Choose a designer dog harness that is sturdy and well-constructed – look for nylon material that stands up against tugging, chewing, and general wear and tear; reinforced webbing, quality metal leash rings and buckles, and robust designs without discomfort for your pet during walking should all make up a practical designer harness.

Some designer dog harnesses feature an innovative and easy-to-use clip on the front of their neck rather than on their back, helping prevent collapsing trachea during intense pulling or excitement on walks. This type of harness is an excellent solution for small breeds at risk of collapsed trachea, which cannot be safely walked using collars alone.

For large breeds who require extra control during walks, we suggest the 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Designer Harness. It’s the ideal solution for solid pullers because you can more easily direct their pull through their chest area rather than their neck. Plus, the harness features two points for leash connections on its back and chest areas, as well as a padded handle to help over obstacles and ridges during hikes! Plus, it comes in various color choices to match your pet’s style.


Many designer dog harnesses feature small yet thoughtful features to ensure comfort and convenience for both pet and handler. For instance, some designs offer back or top handles to give more control during fast-paced hobbies like dog sports or agility training; reflective seams or colors add visibility during night or early morning walks, while multiple leash attachment points offer versatility that’s useful for dogs who enjoy tug of war or pulling during walks.

Designer dog harnesses offer more than a comfortable fit; many are also adjustable to suit varying neck and chest sizes for optimal security during walks. This gives owners more room to find an optimal fit, which prevents chafing or pulling during stroll time and provides more breathing room for young pups who may proliferate.

Designer harnesses may feature additional controls, such as back clips, for increased control. This can prevent your pup from wandering off during excited walks or being distracted by other animals or wildlife. Furthermore, chest straps offer additional strength against sudden and forceful movements during walks.

Our selection of designer dog harnesses for small dogs and toy breeds features many fashionable styles to match their delicate throats, providing better protection than collars that may cause collapsed tracheas or cause them to pull too firmly against their owner. In addition, there are choke-free styles that allow owners to control strong pulling without placing stress on their necks.


Designer dog harnesses are an easy and stylish way to dress up your pet while providing control on walks. Available in an assortment of styles, sizes, and materials that suit any breed or personality imaginable, many come with matching leashes and collars – ideal if you want an all-out stylish look for your pup! You could even pair one up with accessories like poop bags, coats or bandanas!

When selecting a designer dog harness, ensure it is easy for both you and your pup to put on and take off, as well as suitable for various walks. Some harnesses feature back or top handles that help quickly control your dog, while others come equipped with reflective seams for night walks or low-light conditions. Several are machine washable or easily cleanable with wipes – ideal for everyday use!

When training your dog not to pull, opt for a harness with a chest loop attachment for its leash. This allows you to correct him gently without placing too much strain on their neck area. One such harness is 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Harness, which offers this feature; its aluminum V-ring on its back connects directly to an integrated webbing loop on its chest, which acts as an effective deterrent against pulling.

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