Designer Harnesses For Dogs

Designer harnesses are essential items for pet parents looking to keep their pups safe and fashionable. By spreading the force of pulling across the chest and torso rather than the neck, designer harnesses help distribute pulling forces evenly while providing maximum comfort for both dog and owner alike. The Amazing fact about luxury dog harness and leash.

To select an ideal designer harness for your pet, measure their lower neck directly above their collar base using a soft measuring tape in order to avoid irritation.

Chrisman Pet Couture

Chrisman Pet Couture offers stylish designer harnesses made in the United States using premium fabrics. These luxurious pieces can help make walking your pup an enjoyable experience with its built-in leash loop and structural connection ring to prevent rubbing behind front legs, as well as its built-in leash loop that has a patented control loop to ease tightening for added ease and make an enjoyable walk experience for you both.

The brand also provides an array of dog couture that features floral and lace designs. A prime example is their Golden Dreams harness with sequins and beads for an eye-catching appearance; matching leash and collar sets are also available to complete your pup’s ensemble. Furthermore, the EarthStyle collection combines colorful, upbeat designs with eco-friendly webbing made of recycled plastic bottles for additional options to choose from.

Luxury velcro harnesses from this company are designed for dogs that exude grace and elegance. For example, their white circle harness is an eye-catching fashion statement that will complement your pup’s poise and charm; or for something a bit subdued, consider their grey & taupe brocade harness.


Meomari’s designer harness is an indispensable choice for any pet owner who appreciates style and comfort. Crafted with scratch-resistant saffiano leather on the outside and soft nappa leather on the inside, this sophisticated harness comes complete with gold accents for an elegant appearance that is sure to turn heads. Soft padding offers exceptional comfort for your pup, while the y-shaped back strap helps prevent pulling. Available in several colors with matching collar options – making this set the ideal way to walk your dog!

Meomari No-Pull Harness provides a custom fit with four adjustable points to provide optimal comfort, plus velvet lining on its chest and back straps to keep your dog feeling great after long walks or hikes. A front leash attachment helps reduce pulling while its back metal loop provides extra control for more muscular dogs; its step-in design makes putting on easy for even fidgety pets!

The Meomari harness is an ideal choice for small dogs as its lightweight padding slips on without irritating ears or neck. Durable enough to withstand chewing, this popular item is suitable for playful pups who like roughhousing during walks.

Available in an array of vibrant colors to fit every personality of your furry companion!

Testers gave the Meomari harness high marks during testing due to its durability and ease of use, including one tester who noticed her escape artist dog couldn’t escape this harness – providing peace of mind on nature walks! Furthermore, this harness features a double-ring leash attachment point, providing added security.

For you and your dog to select the ideal designer harness, think carefully about which features matter most to both of you. A customized fit will reduce tugging and resistance during walks or hikes. Made of sturdy materials with multiple leash attachment points for versatility. Y-shaped harnesses tend to be less restrictive for dogs as they don’t dig into shoulders or neck areas – plus, these harnesses must feature both a buckle at the neck and a clip on the back for optimal control!


MiaCara designer dog harnesses are available in an array of styles. Some offer no-pull designs that decrease pulling and tugging on the neck during walks for maximum enjoyment for you and your pup, while other designs feature handles for easier control or reflective materials for increased visibility in low-light situations. Many come complete with matching collars and leashes so your pet looks their best from all angles!

PEOPLE conducted rigorous tests of dog harnesses, selecting those that were easy to put on, secure, adjust, and use without creating unnecessary pressure on our canines’ necks or backs. We discovered several models that met all our criteria – including this no-pull designer harness with quick-snap buckles, two leash attachment points, and dual elastic construction for comfort and durability; plus, it comes in an assortment of colors and patterns to meet every pet owner’s aesthetic preferences.

Our experts found this mesh harness to be both stylish and effective at preventing pulls. It features a comfortable padded chest section to reduce chafing, soft padding against your dog’s body, and tightens around their shoulders instead of their neck, which distributes pressure more evenly and stops pulling. Furthermore, it was easy to put on our test dogs and didn’t slip during use!

Chihuahuas and toy poodles tend to prefer harnesses over collars, as their collapsible tracheas can make wearing one uncomfortable for them. A saddle with handles also makes picking them up easier should they fall or when they need to be lifted out of dangerous situations.

MiaCara designer dog harnesses offer luxurious aesthetics perfect for pets that deserve some TLC. Their soft velvet lining makes for gentle skin contact, while their available sizes cover even large dogs. Their step-in design makes securing it hassle-free, while their durable construction makes them great for frequent use.

Chrisman Pet Accessories

Chrisman Pet Accessories provides an extensive range of pet products designed to cater to cats, dogs, and rabbits. Store owners Jessica and Allen are proud to provide all-American designed and manufactured pet supplies such as toys, treats, grooming items, cages and leashes, food, as well as Pork Chomps- a line of rawhide-free chews in different shapes, sizes, and flavors made especially for every species of pet.

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