Best Video Marketing Strategies To Improve Your Conversions

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, a video is worth a thousand pictures. And is also why video marketing is now an important part of every online marketing strategy.

There is a good reason for this. The basic aim of any online marketing venture is to make people convert. To keep them interested enough to sign up, fill your contact form or buy from you.

I think you would agree with that. Why would you spend so much of your time churning out content after content to reach people you barely know?

Video marketing is gaining ground because of how easy it is to consume. It’s why a video, provided that its well-made, draws more crowds than, say, an instructional blog.

The proof is in the stats. Recent studies show that 75% of mobile traffic will be video.

In this post, we are going to discuss five video marketing strategies that can help you increase conversions.

1- Engage your audience with interactive video

Customer preferences change on a dime. Trends come and go. And even viral content fizzles out in time. To make audiences stay put, you have to give them something that keeps them interested.

Lately marketers are using interactive video to achieve this. These are videos that allow viewers to take part and change their outcome. It’s kind of like how multiple choice games work. You create a changeable storyline in which viewers make different decisions for different outcomes.

In a way, interactive videos provide us with experiences that static content can’t. Instead of a passive experience, the medium encourages the person watching to take action. This drives engagement.

For example, consider Mended Little Hearts, a charity for children with congenital heart disease that uses an interactive video to show how donating money can make the lives of the kids who suffer from the disease a little brighter.

2- Keep it short but entertaining

The average attention span of internet users is less than that of a goldfish. It’s why we would rather skim through content than read every word of it and move on. Grabbing attention is a matter of showing value immediately. Think of it like a five-minute marketing pitch you need to give investors to sell them your idea.

Video marketing works the same way. You just can’t post long videos and expect visitors to view them till the end. If you have any hopes of conversions, your video content must be short. And it must be sweet.

Some social media platforms have made it easier for businesses to do this. Take Facebook’s autoplay video feature for example. Videos automatically play as users scroll through their news feeds. Viewers will watch for a few seconds and then move on if your video isn’t interesting enough to retain their attention. According to stats, the average retention rate of 90 second videos is 53% while videos over 30 minutes retain only 10%.

3- Use lead capture forms right in the video

A trick to capturing leads, is to present your lead capture actions immediately. App developers, for example, often place lead capture forms right on the first page of their websites or landing pages.

So, how do you do this in a video? How can you make people convert not after they watch a video, but in the middle of it?

It’s possible with a Turnstile. Some online video platforms offer this feature. With it, you can insert a lead capture form anywhere in your Interactive video. It’s a great way to gain high quality leads like emails or first and last names which can help you personalize your follow-up emails.

Wrapping Up

Video marketing offers huge opportunities for those who know how to use it. To recap, you can get more conversions from your video marketing strategies by getting audiences in on the action with interactive video. Focus on keeping content short but worth a viewer’s time. Use lead capture forms right in the video and never underestimate the value of instructional videos.