6 Easy Low Budget Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Deliver a PR campaign 

Most business have news to talk about. make a list of things that have happened in your business and create a PR story around them. make sure its neutral and news worthy and accompany it with a good quality picture. make a list of local newspapers and magazines and send them your press release – it they print or publish it online, you will receive a great deal of free publicity To read more click here.   

Start a blog page.

Content is an important part of a website and one of the key influencing factors for a successful SEO campaign, so this is a good place to start. A blog should have at least 300 words but aim for nearer 500 if you can. Make your content unique – the search engines can quickly find out if you have copied your content from elsewhere on the web and will penalise you for it. Choose a catchy name for your blog – be creative but keep it relevant to the content you will be posting.

Make a Facebook Group.

This is easy to set up and will be a great opportunity for you to build up customer relations and for prospective clients to interact with you, learn more about you and engage more with your brand. It can help drive traffic to your website and increase your organic reach – simple and free to set up, it is a good way to boost your social media marketing.

Set up a YouTube Chanel.

Did you know that YouTube is used by over 1.3 billion people world-wide and over 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute? This makes YouTube another excellent platform to promote your business. Videos should be short and informative and include calls to action. They are a great way to promote new products or show ‘how to’ instructions for your products. If neither of these options apply to your company, then you can upload a corporate profile or maybe show the history of your company. Interviewing staff members is also a popular way for companies to engage with the audience.

Embark on an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is vital for building relationships with new prospects and leads, whilst also keeping loyal customers up to date with new products and services. Email marketing is also far reaching – with over 4 billion email accounts active around the globe, you can almost guarantee that every prospective lead will have an email address for you to contact. There are many platforms available that offer a free email service, making email marketing a very cheap and valuable marketing option.

Create a Google My Business account

A Google business profile can be set up in just a few minutes and has become one of the most useful free marketing strategies accessible to any online business. The profile shows your address, opening hours, company description and customer reviews and appears in the knowledge panel for branded searches and also on Google Maps. It can be updated at any time to let you show clients of any temporary closures, immediate changes etc. if in any doubt contact your local digital marketing agency for advice