12 Months Without SEO

It is more than a year now since i have concluded that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) had been, or was soon likely to become, a waste of time. I had formed already, 6 months before then, stated farewell to spending one hour a day working on getting reciprocal links.


What led, during the time, to what many would have mentioned were very rash goes? After all, reciprocal linking would still be being expounded, by just about anybody, as an essential way to about the ranking, and the software tools ended uphad been actively marketed still. Internet search engine positioning software was still getting heavily marketed and is nevertheless today; keyword density was obviously a buzz term being brand around as if it have been an essential science to be performed by all good SEO mindful webmasters.


What I did would go back to marketing basics. I had developed received my marketing coaching back in the 1980’s and had useful marketing experience with my very own business from the mid 1990’s. I was not born in to internet marketing alone, so might still see outside the blinkers and the hype.


A very fundamental but important aspect of marketing would be to know your market place. With regards to search engine rankings, then clearly a significant part of that market is the major search engines, Google, Google and MSN, with Search engines being the clear innovator then, and a year later on today.


I started to believe 18 months ago that as much as reciprocal linking went, it had been becoming a spammers’ zone. Certainly, I argued with personally, Google did not really want to position a web site highly just because the internet master had the tools and also the time to chase around obtaining reciprocal links? It just failed to make sense. And the same has been true of buying links. Must a web site rank highly simply because they have splashed out on purchasing links?


What Google, as well as the others, really wanted was to get ranking the best web sites for a particular key phrase, and it seemed only a couple of time before they sniffed out and extinguished the actual abuses such as blatantly synthetic link building, Blog spam, scraping and extreme SEO’ing.


Last year, I started two brand new web sites without any real considered SEO. As a writer, I had been happy to try to provide exactly what search engines wanted: original content material on what people were searching for. When i did provide title as well as description tags, everything else ended up being just written on a then go with the flow basis. The keyword phrase for just about any page would come out in the particular natural flow. I could simply write to my heart’s content without using any resources checking keyword density.


The very first of those new web sites thirteen months ago was in typically the self improvement niche, that is highly competitive. I was looking to be “Sandboxed” by Yahoo and google because of that, and so it demonstrated. But I just kept inserting away, sticking to my no-SEO principle. Of course , non-e people outside Google knows without a doubt if there is such a thing like a sandbox, but there is unquestionably a waiting time prior to a new site is tossed fully into the ranking reduction pot.


In the self enhancement case, the last Google up-date saw my site finish the sandbox after regarding 12 months. So , at last, I got able see whether the no SEO approach was going to yield any positive results. Fortunately, a few high rankings were being immediately apparent, including a couple of #1 positions. On one of these terms, Yahoo followed a couple weeks later to the #1 place, while the site was #2 (now 1) at BING.


Now, this is early days for the particular site, and there is a lot to do to get more high ranks. However , I am confident which SEO is infinitely more standard than some experts, particularly those selling ranking equipment, tend to have you believe.


Since I began that particular site, I have just made one major modify, and that is convert all my internet sites to CSS. Providing a articles rich site that is simple to crawl for search engine forex robots is the most important aspect of the fresh, simplified SEO. In fact , subsequent Google’s advice to website owners is about all you need to do, which is free.


Of course , those with software program products to peddle will certainly argue that I could do better still with their software. But if Yahoo decides to blacklist that will software as a manipulating device, then all my hard work might be undone. So I will keep the others to chase dark areas with ranking software, and enjoy writing content. In fact, that is what basic advertising told me to do.


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