Why Choose Premium Auto Shipping?

Premium auto shipping offers competitive rates and a selection of service options at incredible speeds while boasting excellent reviews from its customers. Find the Open Auto Transport.

Their quotes and rates depend on factors like vehicle size and condition when it comes to shipping considerations while being honest about any hidden fees in their estimates.


Car shipping expenses can quickly add up due to fuel prices and other factors. Auto shippers have found ways to offset this expense by cutting expenses and raising prices, thus keeping car transport costs under control for now and the foreseeable future.

Costs depend on several variables, including your chosen transportation method, time of year, and distance; for instance, cross-country car transport will incur higher charges than shipping between nearby cities. Furthermore, vehicle type has an impactful role to play; classic or exotic cars could cost more to ship than standard sedans.

Open carriers are usually the cheaper way to ship a car, though enclosed transport may be worth investing in for high-value vehicles that need extra protection. Enclosed car shipping usually costs 80% more than open transport but may be well worth your while if ensuring its safe transport is paramount to you.

Route selection will also affect the cost of shipping. Routes with more stops or traversing heavily populated areas require additional time and effort, which increases transport prices overall; on the other hand, shorter courses may have lower per-mile transport costs due to being more concise in the distance covered.

Another factor affecting the cost of car shipment is your selection of either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service. In the former instance, the car would be picked up and brought directly to your home address, while with the latter service, it will be transported instantly between terminals – typically, this option tends to be more cost-effective since less fuel will be necessary during its journey.

Shipping costs depend on seasonal and demand fluctuations, making it essential to plan and compare prices before selecting a company. While instant quotes may be available from many providers, for the best experience, you should always get multiple estimates before making your final choice. Montway Auto Shipping, AmeriFreight, and SGT Auto Transport are three excellent providers that should be on your shortlist when searching for transporters.


Premium auto shipping companies take great pride in providing their customers with excellent customer service. They’re available by phone, email, and in person to answer questions; many even feature knowledge sections on their websites that address common inquiries and concerns. In addition, these shippers provide various shipping options, including fast vehicle pickup by professional drivers – among these include Rapid Auto Shipping, Montway Auto Transport, AmeriFreight SGT Auto Transport, and American Auto Shipping, as some of the top car shippers.

When looking for a car shipping company, make sure to compare prices and reviews carefully. Many companies provide free quotes so you can select the most appropriate company based on your individual needs and circumstances. Some even offer discounts to military personnel, repeat customers, cash payments, or cash deposits!

Premium Auto Shipping Inc. provides an unparalleled concierge service designed to protect vehicles with exceptional financial and emotional value. Their team of experienced professionals has built relationships with many of the country’s premier auto transport companies over 12 years – shipping over 10,000 cars for clients like you! Their experts negotiate the best rates and fastest shipping times so that your vehicle arrives in excellent condition at an economical cost – plus full liability coverage and peace-of-mind guarantees are provided as part of this service.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are an essential element in selecting any service provider, and car shipping companies are no exception. Reading online reviews provides an effective way of gauging the quality of services as well as price and reputation; be sure to read all reviews – not only positive ones – when making your decision. If a customer mentions how their price was great, but the nicks and scratches brought with their car left them with an unpleasant aftertaste, be sure to factor this into your decision-making.

Premium auto shipping offers many advantages to its customers, from affordable rates and quality customer service to open and enclosed transport as well as door-to-door delivery services. Furthermore, its carrier selection process guarantees customers fast vehicle pickup with excellent support – not to mention offering an unwavering price lock promise that ensures rates won’t change once you receive an estimate!


Reputation is how others perceive you, and it can be an immense power in business. That’s why companies put so much focus on earning five-star reviews – and are upset when one-star ratings ruin their perfect record! Reputation derives from the Latin “reputation,” meaning consideration. Reputations define who others think you are, whether that be someone trustworthy or someone untrustworthy. Rapid prides itself on always being upfront with its customers – you won’t experience hidden fees or price hikes with our Price Lock Promise policy!

Rapid has earned itself a strong reputation within the auto shipping industry for being an honest and dependable provider.

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