Why Choose a Landscape Drainage Contractor?

An experienced landscape drainage contractor can offer comprehensive solutions to drainage problems on the property. Utilizing their knowledge and experience, they are adept at pinpointing the cause of an issue and delivering tailored solutions. Find the best landscaping in Los Gatos.

One option available to professionals is rerouting downspouts so they drain further away from homes. Other options include unclogging existing drains and providing landscaping solutions to prevent water accumulation near buildings. Perforated pipes may also be installed to channel excess water towards suitable outlets.


Landscape drainage contractors specialize in installing systems to manage the amount of water entering lawns, gardens, and landscapes. This helps reduce risks related to water, such as soil erosion, mold growth, and rotting wood. A sound drainage system also protects homes against basement or foundation leaks.

An experienced landscape drainage contractor will begin by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your yard. They will check its slope and look for areas where water pools or accumulates, as well as any obstructions that might impede its flow.

After evaluating your property, a landscape drainage contractor will suggest the optimal solution. For instance, if clogged downspouts are the cause, then they can clear them to ensure water flows away correctly from your home. Another option may include using catch drains that divert rainwater away from gutters into an underground drainage system or basin; these solutions tend to be less expensive than regrading and can often be installed quickly and efficiently.

Landscape drainage contractors must be licensed and insured to give homeowners peace of mind should anything go wrong during construction. Furthermore, their expertise should include landscape design solutions tailored specifically to your property’s drainage challenges and requirements.


An established landscaping drainage contractor is an ideal option. Proper yard drainage systems are vital in order to avoid surface and subsurface water intrusion damage in your home, which could otherwise cause high humidity, mold growth, and wood rot fungus issues in your living spaces. Unfortunately, homeowner’s policies typically don’t cover such problems due to exterior groundwater incursion that results from poor yard drainage systems.


Landscape drainage contractors specialize in installing landscaping drainage systems. They use techniques such as French drains, grading, and swales to control water flow in yards or gardens. Such systems can eliminate puddles and oversaturated grass, flowers, and plants and reduce soil erosion damage to foundations by controlling how water moves around in these spaces.

Licensing requirements for landscape drainage contractors vary by state but generally involve providing evidence of experience and passing an examination. Furthermore, some authorities require contractors to obtain surety bonds or proof of insurance policies as additional licensing criteria.

Signs that you may require a drainage system include an increase in pests and mosquitoes due to standing water attracting these insects or any cracks appearing on the building face or concrete, suggesting drainage problems could be to blame.

Note that standard homeowner’s policies don’t cover yard drainage issues or damages caused by water, so hire a professional landscape drainage contractor to prevent costly damage. A well-designed drainage system will also make your yard more eco-friendly while saving on utilities costs; plus, your lawn and garden will look better!


Drainage systems control the amount of water reaching your lawn, gardens, and landscapes. This is essential to the health of soil and plants and prevents foundation or basement damage. French drains, swales, and porous materials are typically installed as drainage solutions explicitly designed to address each site’s drainage needs—an integral component of any landscape plan.

An experienced landscape contractor can assist in identifying and rectifying drainage issues. After assessing your situation, they’ll design an effective drainage solution, dig trenches, install drainage pipes with filter fabric to prevent soil intrusion and clogging for efficient water flow, install perforated pipes on sloped terrain with outlets connected correctly, restore landscaping elements like grass or hardscapes after work has been completed, etc.

An effective drainage system can vastly enhance the beauty and value of your home. Not only can it address soil issues, but it can also prevent pests and mosquitoes from breeding in stagnant water sources—not to mention save on utility bills by reducing moisture in your home. For landscapers looking to add drainage services as part of their services, SiteOne offers various training courses across its branches, including its Professional Drainage Contractor Course, which will lead to certification-boosting business.