Where to find the Best Gainesville Apartments With regard to UF Students

In Gainesville, if you’re looking for housing, probably you are a UF college student; more than 40% of the populace is here to attend the College of Florida. Looking for an initial Gainesville apartment can be a challenging task– especially if you’ve in no way lived in an apartment before. Using these helpful tips and starting your apartment search online, can save you time and find the best fit for you personally and your particular needs as a UF student.


Right after spending a year on-campus within dorms like Broward, Hume, Springs, or Fletcher, the majority of UF students choose to reside off-campus and begin searching for a condo. And can you blame all of them? On-campus UF dorms are usually dark, damp, and incredibly filled, with most students sharing their bathroom with 45-60 other college students. Unfortunately, UF does not provide on-campus parking near courses to UF students who else don’t live in the dorms. So before you begin your residence search, the first thing to consider is actually how you will get to your UF classes. Will you walk? Are you going to bike? Will you ride the bus or seek out an area in ParkNRide? If you plan on riding the bus from the apartment, you’ll need to leave no less than 1 hour before your category begins to ensure that you won’t be delayed. Remember that most RTS vehicles drop you off with the Hub (also known as typically the Reitz Union), and you’ll walk from there to your instructional classes. The only other option is usually to seek out ParkNRide (which is very far from classes that you’ll ride a bus through your parking spot to the Link and then walk from there). Because of the challenges you’ll confront getting to your classes, absolutely nothing seek out apartments near the UF campus so that they can walk for you to class.

It can be very difficult to get an apartment near UF, especially when students do not have the help of elderly friends and family who have been through the course of action before. Many of the apartment bigarées near UF are smaller than average and don’t advertise in the local condo guides or Gainesville Condo Hunters or similar condo finder services. Instead, you’ll want to be proactive to find your best shape.


Smart students who want to measure up and cheapest apartments throughout Gainesville start their look online. They begin by navigating for you to sites like Google along with typing in general keyword words like Gainesville apartments along with Gainesville apartments near UF. These terms will go back to a list of apartment complexes alongside campus. The first few search results would include apartment finding services along with roommate matching services that could list lots of the apartments using easy comparison charts, which you could search by style, dimensions, move-in date, and more. The sites include many image galleries, floorplans, virtual excursions, and maps showing where apartments are located.

By establishing their search for the best Gainesville apartments online, students will surely cut back on their research time period. Many websites also include time-saving instruments like “schedule a tour” buttons and even offer web specials.


While performing your own personal apartment search online, be sure to acquire good notes. You’ll want to take a note of all of the following amenities to be able to help determine which would become the best fit for you:

* Area – how close could it be to UF

* How are you able to get to class – are you able to walk from the apartment to the varsity

* Square footage – the length of the apartment

* Amount of bedrooms – how many roommates will you have

* Bunkmate Matching Services – will the apartment complex offer bunkmate matching or will you need to discover your own roommates

* Leasing Rate per Person — how much will it cost you to reside there

* Availability — is the apartment available for the actual month in which you need to shift


Before having a tour, students should speak with their parents, friends as well as anyone else involved in their making decisions process. They should make a list associated with what is most important to them: spending budget, location, size of the residence, how many bedrooms they are searching for, etc. From this list, they’ll be able to tell if the flats online match their particular requirements. Apartments are a lot such as cars; as you increase your spending budget, you are able to get better amenities. To find the best apartment, it is important to begin by asking parents about the particular budget.


Immediately after finding a few Gainesville condominiums that seem in good health, the next step is to schedule a vacation. Tours typically take a lot less than 15 minutes, and they are free. Additionally touring is the best way to look at the actual apartment (though nearly all apartment complex websites usually are honest, some are highly inaccurate). You should bring along anyone who is mixed up in the decision-making process: friends, likely roommates, and parents (if they are really in town). Always get your checkbook and photography ID or driver’s license, so that you could put down a security first deposit or make a reservation if you find you require the apartment after your personal tour.


1) Just how many bedrooms does the apartment include, and are the bedrooms significant enough for your furniture?

2) How many bathrooms does the house have? Will you need to share?

3) How does the parking across the apartment work?

4) How would you get to your UF lessons from the apartment? Be advised. Most apartment complexes make an effort to make the Gainesville bus method sound great– but RTS is terrible! For a house near the Mall or away from 20th Ave, plan on departing your apartment about one hour before class begins every single day, to ensure that you get there on time. In between walking from the apartment to your bus stop, then looking forward to the bus, then taking the bus ride (and every one of its stops), then going for walks from The Hub on the UF campus to the true classroom, you are talking about a forty-five trip. Plus, if the coach is late or in the event the bus is full, you will need additional leeway. Because of this commute concern and because there is no on-campus auto parking (except for ParkNRide) for UF students who eat only on campus, most students try to are now living in houses and apartments near UF, so that they can walk to be able to class. Apartments that are going for walks distance to UF is a bit more money than those out-of-the-way, but think about it: you’ll be saving to 2 hours daily in commute time.

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