Where to Find Bulk Newspaper For Sale

Packing material or crafting paper are two things many of us require for moving or other projects, and there are plenty of places that sell bulk newspapers for sale – gas stations and drugstores are often good sources. The best way to buy bulk newspaper.

Free Newspapers

Complimentary newspapers can be an excellent resource for recycling or crafting projects, from paper mache, collages, and origami to creating new paper products. Furthermore, their affordability makes them accessible at many places, such as paper recycling centers, grocery stores, and drugstores.

If you’re in search of free newspaper copies in bulk, local recycling centers could be an excellent source. They provide easy disposal for old newspapers without dirtying your hands or wasting paper – not to mention giving some value back to society!

Grocery stores and dollar stores may also provide complimentary newspapers if asked. These stores carry products ranging from groceries, home furnishings, clothing, and automotive parts, as well as old papers they no longer sell directly to customers. If you find one offering such free offerings, reach out to its owner to arrange a time and date for pick-up.

An alternative way of finding complimentary newspapers is at hotels. Many hotel chains provide them for guests, with higher-end hotels more likely than budget ones to offer them as giveaways. Recently, however, the internet has had an adverse impact on newspaper profits by providing readers access to local classifieds and community content free on platforms like Craigslist and Google – leading advertisers away and prompting some companies to start giving away copies as giveaways.

Paper Recycling Centers

No matter your gardening or other needs, there are various places where you can acquire old newspapers for recycling purposes. Paper recycling centers may sell bulk newspapers for sale while others provide them for free. Gas stations, grocery stores, and even local newspaper offices all carry them!

Reach out to friends and family members, as they may have extra copies of the newspaper lying around that can help you. Ask them to save these papers until you need them so they don’t have to deal with putting them out at the curb or transporting them to recycling centers themselves.

Paper recycling centers usually accept various types of paper waste, including office paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, and books. However, it is essential to keep in mind that soiled or torn paper cannot be accepted at these centers. Envelopes may also be recycled successfully by first removing their plastic window before recycling.

The paper you deposit into your recycling bin can be turned into other products, such as toilet paper and packaging material, helping reduce energy use while conserving trees. However, proper recycling techniques must be followed since contamination between different items could render them unusable and waste valuable resources. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with local recycling policies prior to placing items into bins.

Gas Stations

Online news access may have taken its toll on newspaper publications, yet plenty of gas stations still sell bulk newspapers at reduced rates for sale – more than 7,200 Circle K locations throughout the US alone sell papers, along with Citgo, Texaco, and Conoco stations, and others like Citgo Coffee Shops; Citgo stations sell Conoco/Texaco papers as well as convenience stores, coffee shops hotels restaurants schools.

If your side hustle involves selling clothes on Poshmark or reselling items from garage sales, complimentary newspapers are an ideal way to reduce fulfillment costs and cut expenses. Old papers may even be available through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace as packing paper options.

Walmart is one of the world’s premier retailers and sells an extensive selection of newspapers in each of its 4,743 stores nationwide. Their website lists recent editions from several significant newspapers – such as USA Today and state publications.

Over 9,500 7-Eleven locations provide newspapers for purchase at checkout counters or near front entrances, though their selection can vary by store – it’s best to call ahead or use their app before visiting an individual location to ensure they have what you need!

Piggly Wiggly operates over 1,200 stores throughout the Southern and Midwest regions, while Schnucks operates more than 110. You can also purchase newspapers at many Speedway stores located throughout Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores often provide bulk newspapers for sale at reduced rates, and you can find these stores by searching “newspaper store near me” on Craigslist or your local Facebook marketplace. Another way is asking friends and neighbors if they have any old newspapers they no longer need; some may even offer them up freely as gifts! As always, safety precautions should always be observed when meeting strangers to acquire free items online.

Kroger boasts more than 1,344 stores in both the US and Canada that sell newspapers, while you can also purchase one at Safeway, Walmart, and Publix. Furthermore, shell gas stations in the US sell them too! Twenty-five thousand locations sell Gannett newspapers; H-E-B has over 350 Texas locations and also offers them, while Barnes & Noble provides newspapers as part of its weekly magazine subscription package.

Dollar Tree sells newspapers for only one dollar, three times less than other grocery stores, and with plenty of coupon inserts included in each edition. Other stores selling newspapers include Cub Foods, which has over 100 locations across Minnesota and Illinois, as well as TravelCenters of America, with its 270+ truck stops selling newspapers across 44 states; Rite Aid also stocks them with their more than 2,650 stores located throughout 19 states selling copies as well.


Wherever you may need newspapers – for packing purposes, window covering during painting projects, craft projects, or otherwise – there may be stores nearby selling cheap copies for these purposes. Most locations receive several copies every day from publishers, which remain unsold and are either discarded or recycled; to see if one near you offers this service, search online with “newspaper store near me.” Safeway, Publix, Schnucks, Family Dollar, and Rite Aid Piggly Wiggly stores offer this option as examples.

Please make an inquiry of people you know with newspaper delivery subscriptions about any old copies they could spare for recycling, as well as local newspaper offices that will frequently accept misprints and duplicate copies as recycled material.

Search Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone is selling newspapers; be wary when meeting anyone from these platforms, however. Additionally, ask for discounted or complimentary newspapers in airports, hotels, train stations, and leisure centers, as these locations often receive free copies from distributors in exchange for helping convert casual readers into subscribers; however, they are usually charged for distributing these to customers who order bulk copies; therefore newspaper publishers no longer sell newspapers at these venues.

Community Libraries

Local libraries subscribe to various newspapers for their members free of charge, often having old copies lying around they throw out or recycle once their members have finished with them. You could ask the librarian if you could take any old papers in bulk from their stash; alternatively, you could visit recycling centers that offer old newspapers and magazines in bulk sale – these materials usually get sent off to paper mills for recycling purposes.

Schools and colleges may also provide bulk newspapers at no cost, which students use for research. Once finished, these places typically recycle or place the copies back in libraries or classrooms – however, if you contact their administration, they might set aside some old newspapers just for you each week!

Retirement homes and community centers may also provide you with bulk newspapers for sale, so check there before any visit to these establishments. They usually receive multiple newspapers daily that they keep available for residents to read; any unsold copies are then either recycled or thrown out at the end of each day. It would be worthwhile to inquire as to their disposal practices before approaching these institutions directly. Also, try visiting coffee shops that sell newspapers in your area and ask if any have unused or expired copies that they’d be willing to part with.

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