What is the Average Cost of a Wedding in Italy?

As a wedding photographer, this is often one of the first questions I receive about Italy wedding costs. Understanding exactly how much the ceremony costs can help couples plan more efficiently and realistically within their budget. Obtain the Best information about Wedding in italy package.

Average estimates can give you a general indication, while more specific and precise estimations will consider your standards, circumstances, and personal requirements.


As with any destination wedding, setting a realistic budget is crucial to success. When creating your plan, remember to include venue rental fees and reception or catering expenses in the total costs.

Legal requirements should also be considered, including fees for the Nulla Osta and any necessary paperwork. Working with an Italian wedding planner who understands these regulations would be highly advantageous.

Popular destinations like Lake Como, Puglia, and Tuscany tend to command higher prices due to their exquisite venues. But creative solutions may help keep costs under control; hosting your ceremony on weekdays or outside peak season could save money; DIY decorations may even prove more cost-effective than professional decorators’ services.


Catering services are integral to weddings, typically costing between 50-150 euros per guest for an all-inclusive menu.

Catering costs depend heavily on your chosen location; selecting less popular venues could help lower these expenses.

Other expenses to consider for Italian weddings include legal fees (to get married there, it is required that one obtain a Nulla Osta) and hiring a celebrant or translator. Accommodation is another necessary expense; providing shuttle buses from hotels or villas directly to the venue is one way to cut costs; selecting an off-season date also significantly reduces expenses. Wedding decorations add further expenses; professionals are an option, but DIY decorations can often look equally beautiful and more cost-effective.

Photography & Videography

Professional photography and videography services should be hired for their entirety at your wedding or another significant event. Prices typically begin around EUR1,000 but could cost as much as EUR5,000 depending on the quality and experience of vendors involved.

Reducing guest numbers will also help lower wedding costs. By keeping the guest list small, costs will remain manageable.

Hosting guests for multiple days can be expensive; to reduce expenses, consider offering shuttle buses from local hotels or renting villas nearby.

Legal requirements must be satisfied before holding an Italian wedding, including obtaining a Nulla Osta and filling out paperwork. Hiring an experienced wedding planner specializing in Italian weddings may help ease this process and lower expenses; their fee is typically calculated as a percentage of the total wedding cost.


As part of your overseas wedding planning efforts, knowing the average costs associated with each vendor is essential to maximize your budget without overspending. Knowing these numbers will allow you to plan a successful celebration within your means.

Catering costs in Italy depend heavily upon your chosen region and menu selections; an all-inclusive option often proves more economical.

An experienced wedding planner can save time and reduce stress on your big day by overseeing all aspects of planning the event according to your preferences and budget. Depending on the services provided, they typically charge between EUR1,500 and EUR5,000 or more.

Wedding Film

Wedding films are an invaluable way to relive and preserve every precious memory from your special day, including moments you might otherwise miss. Costs depend on vendor quality and experience; typically, two cameramen will capture cinematic-style footage for maximum impact.

Destination weddings in Italy are increasingly becoming the choice of couples, thanks to its beautiful history, exquisite cuisine, and romantic culture. However, it is essential to establish your budget and be aware of typical costs before planning your event. By following these tips and hiring a trusted wedding planner, you can plan the Italian dream wedding of your dreams without overspending on costs.

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