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Get my book “The China Sourcing Manual – Learn How to Successfully Source in China” packed full of 20 years of experience in working with China and almost 300 pages of strategies, templates, procedures and best practices based on the operations manual of a successful sourcing agency.

Get the E-book (PDF version) + digital copies (word and excel format) of the templates outlined in the book here: http://www.chinasourcinginfo.org/book/


http://www.chinasourcingacademy.com/ CSA helps western buyers to better understand how to do business in China and to learn what is really needed to succeed with this endeavor. Become a China Sourcing Expert without paying good money for mistakes and scams. Sourcing in China can be very profitable when done right, but importing goods from China can also easily cost you a lot of money, if you fall in to one of the traps, carefully set by scammers in China!

Please watch: “The China Sourcing Manual – Learn How to Successfully Source in China by Mike Bellamy”




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