Very best Open Source Platforms for web – What to Choose!?

Seeing that more users turn to laptop computers and the internet to shop, excellent eCommerce platforms become important. As more businesses take up a digital shopfront for their solutions, the need for both user-friendly in addition to customisable eCommerce platforms is way more important than ever.

If you are planning to be able to launch an eCommerce site or sell your product or service online, the first thing to do will be to figure out a good eCommerce program to build your website on. Using a plethora of popularised and also open source options available, it becomes hard to select the best possible platform to get a website that suits your organization.

This article shall cover the most used eCommerce platforms- Magento, Wide open Cart, Zen Cart and also OsCommerce, compare their advantages and disadvantages and help you select the best obtainable option, as per your needs. Why don’t dive in!


Magento, any platform built using the Zent Framework, offers a flexible, strong and cost-effective solution for designing eCommerce Websites. Magento is to eCommerce, as Live journal is to blogging and articles management. The official website regarding Magento boasts some great buyers such as Nike, Rovio, Oneida and several other popular companies.

It embodies all the fantastic features that are essential for almost any eCommerce website such as magazine management, the shopping cart, seek and other administration functions. While Magento is cost-effective with regard to the initial investment, the cost of routine maintenance in the long term is pretty high when compared to other platforms. It offers big potential for customisation, but, it will take some technical knowledge. Comprehension of CSS, MySQL and PHP are needed to make effective access to the software.


OsCommerce, on the list of oldest open-source eCommerce tools out there, has its own share of advantages and limitations. Being one of the most well-known in the eCommerce domain, you can find immense benefits through the great community that it has developed over the past 12 years. Consisting of roughly 270000+ members, it is residence to thousands of experts and also developers that specialise in the OsCommerce platform, thereby providing you superb support in times of need.

Additionally, it contains a repository regarding over 7000 add ons as well as some templates. OsCommerce might be an expert due to its years of experience, although that makes it a bit dated compared to newer alternatives that are considerably more power-packed and scalable.


Open Cart is rather powerful. It was launched during the past year and is one of the newest tools among other popular possibilities. In spite of being new, these have paved their way over the market and have emerged as a peak choice for web websites. The number one reason for this can be its Order Management. It is possible to sell an unlimited number of goods, have unlimited categories and also implement various languages and stock markets for the website. This giving of multiple choices makes it the go-to simply by developers today.

Open Wagon is especially beneficial when there is a purpose to manage multiple stores by way of one common admin software. Due to all these features, provides a high ranking in search results. As per its website, Open up Cart offers around 20+ Payment Gateways and 8+ Shipping Methods- an impressive function. However, with Open Trolley, you must employ a web programmer so that effective use of the functions is ascertained. As for the downsides, the same that come with any brand-new software is valid below. Since it’s a relatively modern platform, it has a smaller number of users and limited documentation.


Zen Cart can be your go-to platform if your target is more on customer operations and marketing. The best thing with regards to Zen Cart is the buyer management features it offers for instance coupon codes, promotional offers, reward certificates, email order evidence and more. However, if you are not technically sound, it’s going to be a bit of a battle using Zen Cart. The program itself is aimed toward an advanced user base.

If you have absolutely no prior experience with this system, you shall find that the actual basic tasks such as set up, editing templates and more tend to be tedious and complex. Therefore, Zen Cart is a good option- if you are good at it. Even though the option is open source while offering excellent features, you must think about this option only if you have employed an expert developer or you discover how to get around the software.

The Selecting Factors

No platform gives a one-stop solution for all those needs. Each has their talk about pros and cons and there are numerous deciding factors you must look at before you opt for one.

Precisely how Technical Are You? Platforms for example Zen Cart and Magento are good options if you are fine with the technicality involved, or maybe if you can hire an expert. In the event that’s not the case, it is better to go with additional options such as Open Cart along with OsCommerce.

Requirements – Does one expect a lot of add ons along with templates for your website? If and when they are customizable and easily editable? Magento offers infinite choices, but it requires sound techie knowledge to tweak throughout.

Community Base – Having a review of the Google Trends information, will show you that OsCommerce, as well as Magento, were launched the technique before the other popular programs. Over the years, they have produced a huge community of experts along with web developers, thereby providing fine support and guidance.

Characteristics – Magento has exclusive SEO features; Zen Basket offers excellent customer administration features; Open Cart provides a range of order management functions, whereas OsCommerce boasts regarding its vast community as well as repositories of add ons as well as templates. Every platform features a pick! It’s up to you to determine, based on your vested passions.

Study the Trends — A glance through the Google Styles report of eCommerce systems can give a fair idea of their popularity. OsCommerce has observed a decline in reputation since 2011 and has not really been able to make an effective return. Open Cart, in spite of being a new player in the game, offers overpowered several formerly established giants in the e-commerce market.

It has been rising progressively ever since its inception and contains a bright future. Magento comes from the authorised craigslist Store and has enjoyed acceptance ever since, due to the excellent characteristics and customisation it offers. The more Popular the platform, the better it is. For the reason that more popular platforms have a much larger customer base, larger developer bottom part and a large repository of topics, add ons and widgets.


A glance at all the factors earlier mentioned will easily demonstrate that there’s no one-solution-fits-all when it comes to selecting the best eCommerce platform for your internet site. We have decided upon a pair of candidates that offer the most appealing and versatile range of features along with scalability. Our vote takes it to Magento and Open Basket. We have classified two distinct scenarios, wherein they singularly prove better over some other.

Scenario A: You own a big business that targets the marketing of a lot of products and features a huge customer base; you are prepared to hire a web developer or even an expert to handle the technical issues associated with the platform; you are looking toward a large amount of customisation and huge community support. If the majority of this is true, then Magento is without a doubt the best choice.

Scenario B: You possess a small business that targets the marketing of a few products and doesn’t need a huge customer base; you are not prepared to invest in hiring a web programmer and don’t understand much-specialized know-how by yourself; you prefer a light-weight weight, easy to install and able to go software than one which is heavy and power-packed. In such a scenario, Open Trolley is your best bet.

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