Twitter’s Impact and Beyond.

I’ll show you some cool tricks to make Twitter more enjoyable and interactive for you and your friends. Using the methods described here, I increased my Twitter following to around 800 people. Using just a few of the strategies described in this weblog, I have consistently generated around 250 in the past week.

When gaining a reputation on Twitter, everyone can access roughly the same number of accounts to follow. The key is figuring out how to modify and apply these strategies to boost your standing and come out on top. While writing this, I, too, am on a similar path, learning the ins and outs of the Social Networking Platform that is poised to become the most widely used social media tool.

Advice for the Young and Tweepish


Get Tweetdeck from its official website, The default settings are probably the first thing you’ll notice, as white writing on a black screen is not ideal. I find it difficult to read, but that is a matter of opinion. The Tweetstream, responses, and DMs may all be viewed in one convenient place on Tweetdeck. If you wish to travel back further than the default 500 tweets displayed in the message columns, you can do so by scrolling down. Set up various groups, and their tweets will all show in the right-hand scrolling column of the screen. Groups like “best friends” and “gardeners” are just two examples. You can avoid missing tweets from those who matter most to you in this way. Tweetdeck is the most popular Twitter client, so you should check it out.


You can also find exciting folks to talk to on Twellow, which may be accessed at You can find others who share your interests by browsing the many subsets of users here. All the categories are displayed on the main page, along with their respective subcategories. When you select a subset of people, their profiles will appear. You don’t need to sign up for Twellow to be shown, and nearly two million people were doing so at this time. Create an account and fill out your profile so people can find you.

Twellow presents a list of persons in a given category, arranged by the number of followers they have when you click on a variety. Following individuals is a breeze when you’re logged into Twitter from the web (and not Tweetdeck) and viewing their profiles.

Mr. Twitter

You can also find new people to follow on Mr. Tweet, which can be found at If you follow Mr. Tweet on Twitter, he will review your messages and send you a Direct Message if he finds anything inappropriate. After signing into the site, it will provide you with a list of suggested contacts. You will also be shown a list of those who are following you but who you aren’t yet following back. This is a neat small site that you should sign up for.


You may find the Twitter account for Grader (@grader) here: A grader is a tool that uses a score out of 100 to evaluate your performance on Twitter. It uses a mysterious algorithm, we’re told so that no one can rig the system. In addition to this feature, Grader allows you to search for top Tweeple in a given location or subject area.

The Tweeple are sorted from highest to lowest score when you search. If you type “gardening” into Grader’s search bar, you’ll get a list of the 100 most enthusiastic gardeners on Twitter. If you click on their Grader score, you’ll be sent to their Twitter page, where you may read their bio and decide whether or not to follow them. You must have a Twitter account and be logged in to follow others.

Twitter Cover Photos

If you’re handy with Photoshop, you can make your fancy background and upload it to your Twitter page. However, some websites will do things automatically if you aren’t or don’t want to. Searching for “Twitter backgrounds” on Google will provide several results, many of which provide this service for free. For the best backgrounds, I recommend checking out Twitbacs at However, if you’re comfortable with Photoshop and want to do your tinkering, has some fantastic layouts available for download in PSD format.


You can find a helpful automated Twitter program called SocialToo at You can have your Social Too account perform specific actions automatically. To begin, you can configure SocialToo to follow back anyone who follows you immediately. This can save you time by eliminating the need to manually check for new followers and add them to your list.

SocialToo can also send out an automated Direct Message to your followers. Be wary of this trend; it’s generating some negative feedback, in large part because so many users (including novices and seasoned pros) are using auto Direct Messages to say things like “Hello and Thanks for following me.” Please now check out my online store at [http://…..]. The point is precise, I hope.

That’s the worst way to introduce yourself to a new Twitter follower. Establishing rapport with potential customers is always a good idea, but it’s especially crucial when doing business on social media. Just use common sense and treat others as you would like to be treated in all interactions. SocialToo also sends daily emails detailing who has followed or unfollowed you on the platform.

When someone stops following you, SocialToo will immediately unfollow them. In my opinion, this is not a negative development. Is it possible that you no longer care about the opinions of others? When you receive your daily unfollow email, if there is someone whose updates you would like to continue receiving, all you have to do is click on their name and follow them back.


Helpful in saving tweets for later; you can find Tweetlater at You may set tweets to go out at specific times throughout the day. So, please tell me again how this helps you. Remember that Twitter users and the tweet stream are ever-evolving and fast-moving entities. You can count on someone not reading all the tweets they receive, no matter how many people they follow. There’s no way around it. Using Tweetlater, you can reach a wider audience across more time zones and more of the day.

Let’s imagine you’ve created a blog post hoping to attract readers. If you use Tweetlater, you can schedule tweets with the same link and subject for up to 24 hours in advance. I don’t need to tell you the potential something has for drawing attention or attracting customers. Tweetlater is available in both a free and paid premium edition. Get started with the free version, and if you find you need more features later on, you can always upgrade to the paid one.

Twitter feed

Another helpful resource is Twitterfeed, which can be found at Despite the inconvenience of using Open ID, the site is far safer to access than the others I’ve highlighted. In the lack of a better method, it’s essential to keep at it.

You may connect your blog’s RSS feed directly to your Twitter account with the help of Twitterfeed. This means that a tweet will be sent out in your name whenever you publish a new blog article. When combined with Tweetlater, your first post will be made through Twitterfeed, and subsequent posts will be made at the times you set in Tweetlater.


You should check out SplitTweet at if you use multiple Twitter accounts. If you have multiple Twitter accounts but constantly move between them, sign up for a free account here and consolidate them all into one place. With Splitweet, you may view your Twitter feed from multiple accounts at once or toggle the visibility of specific reports. When sending a tweet, you can direct it to a particular version or send it to all of your accounts simultaneously. This cutting-edge technology is ideal for managing multiple accounts and looks excellent.


If you’re looking for the best Twitter site, go beyond It’s incredible how many useful Twitter-related apps have been collected in one place. Nearly 500 Twitter-related apps were listed on Twitdom at this time. The fact that so many third-party applications have been created is a strong indicator of Twitter’s worth when you stop to consider it. This shows that investors think Twitter will break into the mainstream.


To automate your Twitter feed, check out Friendfeed at If you have multiple social media profiles, Friendfeed can serve as a central center for them all. Friendfeed pulls data from these sources and displays it in your feed.

Friendfeed can connect your social media profiles, including Twitter and Facebook, but I bring it up here because of one feature alone. Clicking your Facebook and Twitter accounts using Friendfeed will allow you to share your tweets on your Facebook wall automatically. As a result, you can spend less time maintaining two separate social network profiles.

Karma is on Twitter for you. is an excellent resource for seeing who is following you and who you are following on Twitter. From a follower/follower management standpoint, it works wonderfully. When it works, it’s fantastic. However, there are times when it doesn’t load at all. It lists everyone who is following you as well as everyone you are following. You can see who is following you and who is following you under each user’s avatar.

You can also filter your followers by the percentage of them who don’t follow you. This is convenient for the administration because it allows you to stop following them. Instead of going to each Twitter account and clicking on the unfollow button, you can manually unfollow a heap of people by checking the boxes. Those that appear to be following you only can be seen so you can evaluate whether or not to follow them back. This can also be accomplished in large quantities.

For me, social media is a thrilling new experience. Therefore I’m switching gears to focus on online marketing and social entrepreneurship. Just say it all in one breath! So, in terms of Internet marketing, I intend to roll out my website alongside some freebies and a paid product. That’s the Social Enterprise part: I’ll give some of the money to a good cause when you buy my goods. Wish me luck as I explore many nonprofits searching for the most deserving organization to devote my time and energy.

Samir Sharma is a businessman in London who is using social media to grow his internet marketing company. To learn more about Internet marketing and social media, check out my blog at

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