Top tips for starting your drone business in 2020

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*NOTE: Video was scripted & filmed in Jan 2020 (Pre Covid)

The industry is booming and plenty of work to go around if you have the drive, knowledge, and experience. This video covers the top tips to consider when starting a drone business.

All our knowledge and experience gained in the last 6 years will be available to you! We are teaming up with some of the biggest drone companies in Australia and beyond to create industry-specific online courses, enabling you to get your business off the ground or ‘Level up’

1:46 Specialise in something, not everything!
2:48 Level up!
3:55 Online drone courses! – More info here:
4:21 Collaboration, not competition
5:15 Look the part
6:04 Get the right gear, not ALL the gear
8:19 Do things for free (or cheap, starting off!)

Good luck!

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