Tips on how to Learn Danish – Several Easy Steps

When you visit Denmark, you will probably be given the actual Rdgrd-med-fade test. It is a Danish dessert and one that is amazingly tough to pronounce; Danish people think of it as a fascinating quick way to assess foreign language skills. Danish people, from their good-humoured outlook (which they assume everyone experienced, too), get a kick out of hearing nonspeakers make a mess of the phrase’s vowel and consonant noises. Now, if the prospect of being the butt of Danish diner jokes isn’t inspiration enough for you to start to understand Danish, there are far more factors that just might give you the press you need.

Armed with the data of the language, you can efficiently work with the Danish people, which is not just because excellent conversation is vital in any business venture. Know how speaking the language from the locals is a form of flattery and can give you main brownie points. Considering that Denmark has the potential to be a soon-to-be active player in the business field, particularly in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing field), you will probably find the knowledge of the Danish dialect a handy tool to wield.

Another reason you should understand it is that being multi-lingual would look good on your continue, primarily if you work with an organization with significant interactions with Scandinavian clients, customers, providers, etc. Contrary to popular belief, Danish isn’t very very hard to learn since it engages the Roman alphabet at the same time. With practice, you can quickly receive familiar with the structure. And finally, it could be fun when you go to the actual for a vacation and arrive having conversations with the bright people of Denmark.

Go on a Course

One of the best ways to learn Danish is still through classroom expertise. This way, you’ll get to work with people who find themselves more or less at your Danish-speaking levels. The instructor or tutor could also monitor your progress to help you in problem areas. Nonetheless, this can get difficult since everybody knows how much a terminology course costs. There is also the fact Danish isn’t as famous as other European ‘languages’ like French; therefore, you’re not likely to bump into a nearby community college offering lessons in Danish language training.


Every language guideline out there stresses the importance of process. There’s just no driving around it. You can start learning Danish yourself without taking a conventional course, but you’ll have to be disciplined and stay encouraged. You need to practice to be familiar with typically the language, as well as to retain whichever knowledge you already have. You must consider your darnedest not to reduce what you’ve already received. It is way inconvenient to start from scratch again. If you do

not want to “lose your Danish,” just a few minutes worth involving practice is enough to hold on to typically the sentence structures, words, and phrases that you just already know. You can do this by studying Danish passages aloud. Yet another effective practice method is simply writing articles, stories, or only sentences in Danish. Envision having a conversation in Danish; it may seem too nutty when you talk to yourself, so only write it down. It would also be a terrific help if you could engage in standard pronunciation drills. If you typically find the drills too monotonous, hope to set them to a beat you can easily remember.


Learning the language is very simple with help from a thing other than your trusty mouvement paperback. The resources that you might want include audiobooks to help using pronunciation and stress. Understanding Danish software can also assist online learning, making it more fun. The language software program allows you to monitor and assess your progress yourself. Unless you want to risk a few bucks on software, there are free resources online that you can make use of. However, you’d have to do just a little digging around. And, of course, you needed to devise an analyzing system of your own. Danish publications, articles, TV or even radio shows, and all those video clips posted by Danish people in video directories and social networking sites may also help.


A not-so-often discussed, however, very effective trick is concentration. If you relocate to a specific location, chances are, you will learn the neighbourhood language after some time. After all, you receive bombarded by words, noises and phrases left and appropriate. However, if you intend to know the language before heading to Denmark, you’d have to get started with immersion at home. This isn’t for everyone, though, as it needs that you be constantly conscious. If you need to learn the language quickly, it can be a good idea to have anything Danish, and we usually are not talking about sausages. Try to note down your shopping list in Danish, count in Danish, and start pondering your household appliances and furniture in Danish.


It will also be ample support if you get to employ Danish in conversation, as they can be one form of immersion. For anyone taking a Danish language category, being active in class is a superb way to get immersed in the language. Suppose you cannot be with all those who are learning to speak or currently speaking the language. In that case, you can use online community forums to begin communicating in the language.

You may also be lucky enough to find an internet practice buddy where you could attempt your Danish through instant messaging and having a discussion in real-time instead of waiting for discussion board members to post messages and replies. You may even be luckier and find a native loudspeaker willing to swap social (and language) tidbits with you.

Whatever your reason for trying to learn Danish, whether for school, about work, for a business venture, or simply for the heck of it, your time and efforts would indeed amount to something. Being bilingual is undoubtedly something to be proud of. And maybe, the next period you walk into that Danish diner, you’d get to say “Rdgrd med flde” without flinching. You’ll be robbing your Danish brothers of several laughs, but they can usually find something to giggle about: the happy people they are.

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