Tips and advice for entrepreneurs – by experienced business people

This video has lots of tips and advice for entrepreneurs from experienced business people. For a full list of these tips plus the business people in this video, see below.

“Just get started – its not what you know its who you know – have a goal – the best is yet to come – find out who your customers are and why they want to buy your product – be niche and keep moving at great speed – don’t have limitations – don’t be afraid of failure – winning! – go for it! – focus on key values and make sure your product provides useful experience for your users – stay optimistic, don’t be defeated – remain true to yourself – be careful when involving your family”

0:04 – Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia –
0:08 – Steve Pete, Co-founder of Central Working –
0:15 – Lord Bilamoria, Founder & Chairman of Cobra Beer
0:21 – Thea Green Founder of Nails Inc –
0:26 – Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam, Director of entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) –
0:31 – Emma Jones, Co-founder of Enterprise Nation and StartUp Britain –
0:37 – Philip Cheek, CEO Smart Traffic –
0:40 – Edward Wray, Co-founder of Betfair –
0:43 – Sean Fitzpatrick, All Blacks Legend! –
0:44 – Michael Hayman, Co-founder of Seven Hills & Accelerate 2013 –
0:46 – Renaud Visage, Co-forunder and CTO of Eventbrite –
1:01 – Philippe Legrain, Economic Advisor to the President of the European Commission –
1:04 – Dale Murray, Entrepreneur & Investor –
1:05 – Charles Morgan, Chairman of Morgan Motor Group –


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