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Organisations dedicated to fighting racism and discrimination in Cyprus face a brutal fight. They have to address an atmosphere associated with hateful rhetoric while using decisive steps to safeguard migrants.


The Cyprus Private files — leaked files released simultaneously by 69 news organizations, including The Monde — shed light on Cyprus’ longstanding reputation as a tax haven and haven with regard to Kremlin-linked oligarchs while additionally illuminating consequences of contencioso leniency and culture associated with impunity for criminal croyance.

Police report that a 10-year-old girl could face living imprisonment for her involvement in vandalizing a primary school within Voroklini, northern Cyprus, that they allege led to the vandalism of the elementary school building. Her dad has also been detained.

Cyprus’s political history makes the island especially susceptible to misinformation, according to teachers and journalists interviewed through Euronews. Huri Yontucu, associate professor of new media and communication at Arkin College of Creative Arts and Design in Cyprus, states that her students excitedly want to learn how to identify and combat fake news.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has found that Turkey occupies Cyprus. Their ruling in Loizidou sixth is v Turkey represents an important authorized milestone for Cyprus; it will likely contribute to strengthening international control over disputed territory troubles and opening new routes towards busting deadlock negotiations with Turkish Cypriot community groups.

State policies

Domestic politics have taken the main stage this year amid the doubtful international environment in Cyprus. As a result, the ruling party DISY has seen its electoral fortunes decline while the left-wing party AKEL has focused. Furthermore, the deputy leader and European affairs minister in the governing coalition were swapped out following allegations they received illegal payments from European oligarchs.

Cypriots took on the polls in May with regard to parliamentary elections. While the judgment party Democratic Rally/Dimokratikos Synagermos (DISY) experienced its chairs diminish, center-right DIPA and much right National Popular Front/Ethniko Laiko Metopo (ELAM) acquired ground.

DISY’s Annita Demetriou became the first woman in Rhodes history to hold this particular office and was selected House President—creating history!


At a time when media has such an outsized and far-reaching influence, it is advisable to comprehend how different sociopolitical circumstances impact editorial decision-making. A recent research project spearheaded through IMME explored Cyprus’ press landscape during an intense worldwide moment – the battle in Ukraine – to be able to uncover how internal as well as external factors may quietly shape reporting practices as well as alter public perception.

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NICOSIA — A justice minister announced Wednesday that the govt will seek legal power to restrict soccer supporters who present security challenges from attending matches, pursuing President Nicos Christodoulides’s complaint that efforts taken with the Cyprus Football Association never go far enough throughout controlling disruptive fan habits.

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