The Enchantments Lottery – How to Win a Permit to Camp in the Enchantments

The Enchantments’ stunning alpine lakes and jagged peaks continue to draw hikers from around the globe, and more hikers than ever are visiting this delicate high-alpine wilderness area. To protect this fragile environment and reduce hiker impact on its delicate ecosystem, the Forest Service requires all overnight visitors to obtain a permit through its Enchantments lottery system. Obtain the Best information about togel macau.

What is the Enchantments Lottery?

The Enchantments is a stunning wilderness area outside Leavenworth, Washington, with tranquil alpine lakes and rugged peaks. A favorite hiking spot, an overnight permit is required to camp here overnight – to manage its popularity, the Forest Service organizes an annual lottery of Enchantments permits each spring.

The Enchantment Lottery is a quota-based system intended to protect the fragile wilderness area while permitting an acceptable number of visitors annually. Applicants can apply for one of five zones for permits that allow up to 14-day visits; those not fortunate enough to win one through the lottery have access to an advanced reservation system at the beginning of April for making reservations.

Hikers who do not receive permits via lottery should consider applying for licenses at Colchuck Lake or Snow Lake zones instead. Both areas offer spectacular scenery while being considerably less congested.

Hikers can increase their odds of securing a permit by applying early in the week and avoiding weekends. Even those who do not receive tickets can still enjoy this area by filling out free day-use permits at one of three trailheads during their day trip.

What are the Rules of the Lottery?

If you plan to backpack the Core Enchantments and want a permit, entering a lottery may be your only way. Tickets are awarded based on how many entries there are, so your chances of success largely depend on luck alone; however, there are some considerations as well – for instance, you must indicate precisely how many people are in your group when applying. Also, remember that changes cannot be made to group size or alternate group leader details after using.

How do I Apply for a Lottery Permit?

Permit lottery is the only legal way of camping overnight in the Enchantments. Day-use permits may be purchased at Stuart Lake and Snow Lakes trailhead, but overnight visitors must obtain one through the lottery system. This enables the Forest Service to limit hiker numbers entering wilderness areas while protecting its fragile ecosystem.

Apply for a permit online through the US Forest Service website. Your application will then be added to a pool of similar requests submitted during the lottery period, after which winners will be randomly selected and sent their permits.

Competition for permits can be fierce, so knowing which zone to request can increase your odds. With five zones to choose from (Eightmile/Caroline, Stuart, Snow Lakes, Core, and Colchuck), we recommend applying for one from the Core zone as this gives access to Enchantments lakes and the famed valley.

Apply for your permit outside peak season; weather may play a factor here. Please consult our weather guide before making your application. Applying on a weekday rather than a weekend will make you less popular and increase your odds of being approved.

How do I Know if I’ve Won a Lottery Permit?

If you win the lottery, your permit will arrive by email. Log into your account, confirm, and complete any remaining information before the deadline arrives – make sure all accounts, payment methods, and dates of birth are set up correctly in advance (I have seen more than one hiker fail this step and forfeit their permit).

Winning an Enchantments permit through the lottery is slim (less than a 2% chance). If this fails, your best bet is to apply for a walk-up visa – we have an article detailing this process, but basically, select your zone and entry day before planning either an overnight hike or shuttle service for entry into the park.

The Enchantments is a stunning alpine wilderness area boasting breathtaking views, alpine lakes, and rugged peaks. To protect these fragile ecosystems from overpopulation, the lottery system was implemented to ensure these fragile environments don’t become overrun during peak times of the year. The US Forest Service has been working hard to increase its oversight over these and other backcountry areas around the country to manage them responsibly – should you win one, it will more than makeup for any stress caused by applying for lottery permits!

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