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Movies direct download link is one of the most searched on the Internet! Everyone who loves to watch movies indeed found themselves online so many times searching for direct links to download movies. Day by day, the popularity of movie fans is growing very fast. They search and download their choosable film from the Internet. So that they do not need to go to the cinema halls anymore. But so many times when we tried to search the direct link, we faced some problems. 

In this article, we will share with our readers how they can get the direct link to download any movie. The tricks and steps are straightforward and straightforward for everyone. So if you are looking for something like this, then this article becomes beneficial for you. 

How to find Movies direct download link 

So now we will share some tricks and unprecedented steps that could be very useful to find a direct link to download any movie. And for this, you need to know some extraordinary Google search processes. Such as, 

• Steps to find a direct link

The steps are unique and so simple at the same time. As with just some click, you can find your favourite movie link. 

Method 1:

Step 1 – download the web browser on any device you are using. 

Step 2 – put the movie’s name you are looking for and then copy that movie name. After that, paste that name with the below code.

Movie name- intel: ( htm/ html/ php/ pls/ txt ) intitle : index. Of “ last modified” ( mp4/ wma/ aac/ avi )

Step 3 –Now, Google will show you some search results, and you need to click on the first or the second result to get the direct link to that specific movie. 

Method 2: 

Step 1 – You need to create an account on Google and copy the code given below. 

Title: index. Of? mkv

Step 2 –after that, you need to paste that code to Google and put the movie name after that code. 

Step 3 –You can see that there will be a displayed result. Where you can find your movie name or maybe not. After that, type Ctrl + F. That is how you can find the direct link to that specific movie and get ready to download it. 

Another way to get movies direct download link

There are some more tricks to find direct links to download a movie. And here also, you only need Google to find it. You need to follow these steps.

• first of all, use many keywords related to that specific movie, and most of the films are in standard formats. And in that case, the mp4 format is the most common one. 

• after that, Google will show you some results where you can see that some of them have a “ download now” option. 

• lastly, you can try movie names with the additional URL. Such as, 

Inurl: mp4 +movie name 

Now it becomes tough to find any effective movie download website for free as there is massive pressure if a higher authority. But if you are looking for something like this, this article will help you as these tricks and steps are very easy but unique. In today’s world, everyone knows how to access the Internet, and they also do not have any ideas about some tricks. But movie lovers always wanted to learn the tricks and steps to find their favourite movies. 

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