The 8 Best Best Blogging Platforms – Which is Right for You?

What are the best blogging platforms to make money from and grow an audience on? You have a lot of options from website builders to your own self hosted site on Bluehost:

No one blogging platform is best for all use cases. As such, I always try to create a variety of tutorials using different website builders and platforms. The essential aspect when choosing a blogging platform is what do you want to accomplish?

My personal blogger blog is a lot of fun. For that style of content, blogger is perfect. Casual updates, write when I want and make a bit of money from blogging. But if I was serious about creating a helpful blog that could grow into a sellable asset, I would use Bluehost and WordPress.

Last, website builders like Squarespace and Wix are not a bad choice. They are a bit more expensive, but provide an all in one experience that makes creating a blog that leverages content marketing easy.

► Ready to start your own self hosted blog? I suggest you use Bluehost, the #1 recommended web host by WordPress:

► You’re also going to need a custom domain, for that I use Namecheap. Low prices and free WHOIS protectio:

► How to make an affiliate website. 10 hour deep dive course:

00:00 Start
00:42 WordPress website builder
03:40 WordPress and Bluehost
05:34 Blogger
09:13 Wix
12:23 Squarespace
13:25 Tumblr
14:24 Ghost dot org
16:21 Medium
18:18 End

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