SolidWorks Training Courses

No matter if you are new to 3D CAD, an experienced user of other CAD software, or an engineer looking to hone your skills – we have the course for you. Have the Best information about آموزش سالیدورک.

Explore how to use SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, plus produce production drawings.

Basic to Intermediate

SOLIDWORKS training offers many advantages, from improved design efficiency and productivity, to improving customer service and building lasting relationships. Furthermore, this type of education will make your company more cost-efficient in the marketplace by creating realistic 3D models of products with cost-cutting in mind. So no matter whether you are an experienced SOLIDWORKS user or just starting there’s sure to be something suitable available that meets your needs!

The SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course serves to introduce users to SOLIDWORKS, provide fundamental instruction in part and assembly modeling techniques, and how to produce manufacturing-ready drawings/bills of materials for manufacturing applications. In addition, basic file management techniques will be covered during this class.

SEACAD SOLIDWORKS Training Academy provides an online SOLIDWORKS training course to give you a solid understanding of this software program. This course covers basic skills such as creating 2D sketches, using dimensions effectively, and creating 3D models from 2D sketches, as well as an introduction to the SOLIDWORKS CAM program and Tech DB usage.

There are many advantages to taking SOLIDWORKS training, but one of its primary benefits is helping you become more productive at your job. SOLIDWORKS features many tools designed to make work more efficient. Plus, attending SOLIDWORKS training courses provides some invaluable tips and tricks that will increase productivity even further.

SOLIDWORKS Professional is an incredibly useful software tool that enables designers and engineers to rapidly simulate, analyze, and design parts and assemblies with great speed and accuracy. From plastic injection molds to electrical circuitry design, SOLIDWORKS makes design faster and more accurate. SOLIDWORKS also makes an excellent platform for technical documentation such as ballooned drawings or inspection reports.

SOLIDWORKS PDM is an invaluable tool that allows businesses with multiple designers to store and organize files efficiently. However, getting started can be daunting for newcomers; here we take a look at some basics about SOLIDWORKS PDM as well as ways it can help make their work simpler.


As an experienced mechanical engineer, you can greatly increase your job prospects by enrolling in advanced Solidworks training courses. These classes will teach best practices and how to use the software for modeling parts and assemblies – as well as lessons on creating technical drawings. SolidWorks is a popular computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform used by millions of mechatronic engineers worldwide; its features include productivity tools for design communication/validation/product data management/managing product data sets.

SOLIDWORKS training solutions offer something to meet every professional need, from new users to experienced ones. For instance, the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course serves as an introduction to this mechanical design automation software by teaching how to create parametric models of parts and assemblies as well as production drawings from those models and assemblies. You will also gain knowledge on best modeling practices that will increase efficiency and productivity.

Other SOLIDWORKS courses concentrate on more specific subjects, like sheet metal and multibody solids. These courses will teach you how to work with materials used in projects while showing how to form curved surfaces and apply sweeping or lofting features to produce more complex shapes.

As part of your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium training, you can also take a course that teaches how to use its analysis tools effectively – helping you evaluate the performance of your designs and identify potential issues before they surface. With this program, you can conduct stress, contact, thermal, frequency nonlinear, and dynamic analyses.

3D CAD software is an essential part of mechanical engineers and designers’ careers, and mastery of it will greatly increase your career opportunities. However, technology changes fast so it is vitally important that you stay current in your skillset as technology rapidly develops – for this reason, SOLIDWORKS certification courses and training can be extremely helpful to stay competitive and further your career advancement while earning higher salaries.

Accredited Educator

Accredited educators are professionals with educational credentials that demonstrate they have demonstrated proficiency in 3D solid modeling and design concepts. Educators can earn the SOLIDWORKS Accredited Educator certification by passing the SOLIDWORKS Technology Educator Competency Exam; this certification shows employers that an educator has proficiency in teaching 3D CAD, simulation, and sustainable design concepts in classroom settings. Furthermore, an accredited educator possesses the knowledge to assist their students in developing engineering principles, tools techniques methodologies to solve complex problems while making informed design decisions.

GoEngineer offers SOLIDWORKS courses that can assist your company in recruiting and retaining talented employees and acting as a benchmark of performance to set clear career pathways. GoEngineer’s SOLIDWORKS training courses provide all of this and more – simply choose what’s right for your training needs from among all our courses available today!

SOLIDWORKS provides a complete suite of mechanical design, product development, and engineering software tools for creating virtual prototypes. SOLIDWORKS is utilized by product designers and mechanical engineers alike for product design analysis as well as prototyping validation communication of designs. In addition, there are numerous add-in applications designed to extend its functionality such as simulation electrical design product data management, etc.

SOLIDWORKS provides many features to boost productivity, including quickly modeling parts and assemblies. Furthermore, finite element analysis – an intuitive yet powerful tool for optimizing the strength and weight of parts – enables designers to produce robust products while saving both time and money.

An accredited SOLIDWORKS certification can set you apart from employers and help secure employment in mechanical engineering or product design, graduate school studies, or other reputable institutions. To determine whether an institution or program is accredited check the U.S. Department of Education list of accredited schools and programs.

An accredited SOLIDWORKS training course can be an excellent way to master the fundamentals and expand your expertise with this 3D CAD software. Classes may be taken online or at physical locations and taught by certified instructors; classes may focus on sheet metal design or weldments, or teach how to utilize add-in products like PDM and Simulation.


SOLIDWORKS is one of the world’s premier CAD software suites used across multiple industries and professions. To enhance job prospects or advance design capabilities, an Associate or Professional certification from SOLIDWORKS can give you a leg up.

SOLIDWORKS training can help you hone and enhance your drafting skills as well as increase productivity at work, by teaching you to create 3D models of complex products and even conduct motion studies. SOLIDWORKS courses from top providers make for valuable additions to any engineering or design career; find yours now!

Are You New to SOLIDWORKS or Looking to Brush Up on It? Classes provide an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS from experienced users or those just starting, offering lectures and practice exercises, tests, and assignments that allow for gradual comprehension. Although these courses may be expensive, they’re an invaluable way to master SOLIDWORKS quickly.

SOLIDWORKS training courses designed specifically to meet the needs of your company should focus on how the software fits into its specific processes, for instance, if your firm is undertaking an additive manufacturing project and you need assistance to prepare models for printing on an AM printer and optimize this process. In such a case, specific SOLIDWORKS training designed around this purpose would teach how to prepare models and make necessary modifications that will optimize this process.

An alternative approach is to enroll in a SOLIDWORKS custom training course held directly at your company office. A dedicated trainer can work closely with you to identify areas for improvement within your business and customize lessons around them. Although this form of SOLIDWORKS training tends to cost more than standard offerings, it’s a fantastic way of maximizing return on your investment.

SEACAD offers comprehensive SOLIDWORKS training and professional certification. Their SOLIDWORKS classes are led by certified SOLIDWORKS instructors with years of industry experience and academic acclaim; additionally, these SOLIDWORKS courses qualify for U.S. Department of Labor journeyman apprenticeship credits so if you complete all training and obtain your certifications successfully, they could potentially help you become a mechanical CAD designer!