Soap Dispenser Types

Soap dispensers are a stylish and hygienic alternative to soap bars. These dispensers are available in various sizes and can be wall-mounted, sink-mounted, or shower-mounted. Check out the Best info about soap dispenser bathroom.

Touchless functioning helps minimize cross-contamination and the spread of germs and bacteria, and sleek designs let them blend nicely with varied washroom decors.


Manual soap dispensers have an iconic, vintage look that many consumers prefer over sophisticated, mechanized ones. There is no requirement for a power supply or installation; refilling is simple and inexpensive, and they are less expensive in terms of initial and ongoing operating costs than their automatic counterparts.

These dispensers are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, so they can resist frequent use and substantial foot traffic. Some variants have translucent plastic windows that allow you to monitor the soap levels inside the dispensers. They are moisture and temperature resistant.

When squeezed, these dispensers dispense a predetermined amount of hand soap or hand sanitizer, reducing waste and eliminating cross-contamination. Furthermore, their touch-free operation avoids physical contact between dispenser and user, making them an ideal solution for preventing germ spread in heavy traffic locations such as shopping center bathrooms and workplace kitchens.


Sensor soap dispensers use technology to automatically discharge a dosed handwash solution when someone places their hands under the nozzle. This makes them a practical and hygienic addition to professional settings and public restrooms. For added convenience, these touchless dispensers frequently have touchless functionality.

Some touchless soap dispensers mimic giant dispensers affixed to bathroom or kitchen walls, while others feature sleek stainless steel designs that complement modern lavatory decor. A touchless dispenser also avoids unwanted contact between surfaces and germs, which aids in the prevention of illness in the workplace or school.

These dispensers have a variety of sensors, including infrared and capacitance. When hands approach, infrared sensors emit an infrared beam that activates the pump mechanism; capacitance sensors detect changes in electric current caused by an object such as hands; these dispensers can be filled with sealed pods to prevent bacteria contamination or refillable from bulk containers for more economical and eco-friendly options.


Installing a battery soap dispenser, which runs on batteries and has sensors to detect hand motion to dispense pre-measured amounts of solution, can help you save money on liquid soap. They can also dispense liquids such as moisturizer, hand sanitizer, and laundry detergent.

Touchless automatic dispenser operation is more hygienic and avoids cross-contamination between users by eliminating the need to touch potentially contaminated surfaces when acquiring soap.

Stern provides a variety of battery-powered automated soap dispensers to satisfy our client’s specific demands and preferences. There’s likely to be something here for your house, with options ranging from simple designs with indicator lights to complex sensors with volume controls! For best use and minimal maintenance requirements, please follow the supplier’s advice on appropriate liquid soap products regardless of the dispenser type you choose.


Commercial soap dispensers contribute to a sanitary lavatory by removing the need to contact potentially contaminated surfaces to obtain hand soap. Furthermore, these dispensers give pre-measured amounts of soap, reducing cross-contamination among users.

Commercial soap dispensers should be made of long-lasting materials such as stainless steel and plastic to survive regular use without succumbing to vandalism or tampering with their contents. Furthermore, these dispensers should be provided with locks so only staff members can refill them when necessary.

Stern offers a variety of commercial soap dispensers ideal for wall-mounted and desktop models, available in various sizes and capacities. Our dispensers can hold handwash liquid, foam soap, or hand sanitizer; some can also have shampoo, body wash, or utensil cleaner detergent if suitable with the liquid in the dispenser. You should follow the supplier’s requirements for compatible dispenser liquids.

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