Siemens 50 Amp GFCI Breaker

GFCI breakers can be more beneficial in cases where all outlets on a circuit require GFCI protection, tend to cost less, and don’t require professional installation. What do you consider about نماینده زیمنس.

This Siemens breaker features dual-function plug-on technology for combined type arc fault and class A 5mA GFCI protection, as well as a neutral clip that eliminates the need for dedicated ground wiring.

UL Listed

This Siemens GFCI circuit breaker is both UL-listed and CSA-certified as a Class A device, making it suitable for many construction applications where the electrical code mandates a reliable ground fault circuit interrupter breaker. Equipped with Filtratec technology to filter out nuisance tripping from hot tub components and genuine ground faults, reducing false tripping, two additional spaces in its metal enclosure for branch circuits as well as an easy removable interior protective panel, this unit features excellent reliability in multiple construction environments.

As per industry recommendations, GFCIs and AFCIs should be tested regularly in order to ensure proper functioning. This dual function breaker includes an onboard test button, which makes it easy – depress it while the handle is in the “ON” position, then press again once depressed for it to change to intermediate “tripped” status; reset by moving first back towards “OFF,” then “ON.”

This GFCI circuit breaker can be installed in either a single-phase 240-volt system or on the 120/240-volt AC portion of a 3-wire 208Y/120-volt 3-phase system, not including any neutral wire receptacles. When the current imbalance between load conductors exceeds 4-6 milliamps, it will trip and de-energize all ungrounded conductors of the circuit, thereby protecting users.

CSA Certified

GFCIs help prevent severe electrical shock caused by appliances and products coming in contact with water, such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry appliances. To be effective, they should be installed where there is potential for such contact to take place – typically in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry environments where appliances or products come into contact with it. They should be tested monthly to make sure they’re working as intended – Siemens GFCI circuit breakers are UL-listed and CSA-certified class A devices and will trip when current imbalances of 4-6 milliamps between load conductors; these GFCIs can be installed either single phase 120/240-volt AC systems or as part of 3-wire 208Y/120-volt 3-phase systems.

The Siemens GFCI circuit breaker is compatible with Square D QO load centers, CSED devices, and NQOD panel boards, providing it meets ANSI-certified ratings of up to 10,000 air currents (AIR). Additionally, this device features two circuits within one enclosure for better convenience when setting off spas, hot tubs, kitchens, bathrooms, or any other residential applications.

This GFCI circuit breaker features a visible red indicator to quickly identify when it has been tripped, as well as its Visi-Trip indicator that snaps to an intermediate position between “ON” and “OFF.” You can quickly test it by depressing its “test” button; to reset, first push into ON then OFF position before moving again into ON.

NOM Certified

This Siemens 2-pole ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is suitable for use on single-phase 120/240-volt AC systems, the 120V portion of 240/208V 3-wire AC systems, or 208Y/120v 3-phase 4-wire systems, protecting your home wiring from excessive temperatures caused by current imbalances of 4-6 milliamps between load conductors. It meets both UL 943 requirements with its self-test and lockout feature preventing accidental reset of the device by homeowners.

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Designed for Hot Tubs

The GFCI circuit breaker is an essential safety measure against ground faults, sensing any imbalance in current flowing through load conductors and cutting power off in response. Furthermore, its test button allows homeowners to ensure it’s operating optimally – the National Electrical Safety Foundation recommends doing this at least every month during thunderstorm season for optimal protection.

GFCI breakers are frequently integrated into hot tub electrical panels, but they can also be added as a standalone sub-panel in your home. They’re designed to protect against electrical shock that’s common among hot tub users, helping reduce the risk of fire or burns due to overheating – these breakers work on both 120-volt and 240-volt systems!

These Siemens GFCI breakers are compatible with multiple brands of load centers, including EQ, Ultimate, ITE, and Murray panels. They are UL-listed and CSA-certified as Class A devices; additionally, they are equipped with shared neutral for easy installation into single-phase two-wire systems or on the 240-volt portion of 208Y/120-volt systems.

When installing a GFCI breaker in your spa, ensure it matches up with its load center model and model number for safety and warranty purposes. Otherwise, using the wrong one could void its warranty and create a dangerous condition.

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