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This is Part 2 of 6 on making money with affiliate marketing. In the previous report, I walked you through finding a niche. We left off with you have reached the point where you had to prepare the “bait,” or a free report on your specialist subject, to tempt people to sign up for your newsletter or purchase a product. You didn’t have to create the product, though creating your own in your niche would be ideal.

There is a crucial intermediate step you must take to guarantee the report you will create will result in product sales; you should not merely ASSUME there will be a lot of products to promote to your target market; instead, you should check RIGHT NOW to avoid wasting time creating reports for nothing.

The next logical question is, “How do I find out if products are available to promote to the market I’m interested in?” So, first things first, we head back to Clickbank, but not for niche ‘ideas’ this time. Instead, we’re searching for products that may be successfully marketed to our niche audience. Visit, select “Market Place,” and then enter the primary search term you’re interested in the “keywords” box. For example, if you’ve decided to write a report about fat loss and sell a product to people interested, you would enter “fat loss” in the “keywords” box. As of the time this report was written, the first page featured several products for promotion. Within each listing were two links: one to the product’s “pitch page,” which is simply the sales page for the product your clients would be taken to if they clicked on the link you would supply them, and another to the product’s “Hop-link,” which was a unique code provided to you by the product owner and was only shared with you. Clicking the “sign up” option on the Clickbank homepage will take you through the simple process of becoming an affiliate.

Now that you have Clickbank figured out and know there are products to promote, head over to Google and type in the name of your niche, in this case, “fat loss,” followed by the words “affiliate products,” without the inverted commas, like so: fat loss affiliate products, hit enter, and as you will see, there are more products, to the tune of 219,000 in some way, shape, or form as of the time of writing, if you wish you can be more specific, e.g

Now that you know what you’re promoting and where to find it, it’s time to write up your findings. Google “niche” + “information” + “fat loss,” as of this writing, there is a page full of report information, in fact, thousands of items; all you need to do is visit some of the sites, or one excellent place, read the news, disseminate it, and RE-WRITE in your own words, please NEVER plagiarize, not only I, but anyone else will get in trouble for it. When rewriting what you’ve learned, keep in mind that you must make it exciting and that it must provide help and assistance to your target

audience. To do this, read it back to yourself after you’ve finished writing it and put yourself in the shoes of your target market. Suppose the answer is yes, even if only a little, excellent; if not, adjust the content such that it does. We are not looking for someone with a degree in English, although if you know someone like that, that’s fine; just yourself or someone else who can finalize the final report and make it readable is all you require, the information only needs to be about 750 to 1500 words, and that shouldn’t take long to complete, in a day, quickly, if you work at it. Free software is available to download if you would rather have a more automatic search performed; I recommend the software found at After installing, put in the main box and, if applicable, a subcategory for your specialty, then hit enter; the software will search the entire internet for relevant results; rewrite as recommended, but DO NOT plagiarize.

To adopt a commercial strategy, Type the aforementioned terms into Google to find a plethora of information about article research tools; I would avoid the paid route. Also, don’t believe the spin if any software promises to do all the article writing for you; some tools may be better than others in collecting information, but you will still have to have some personal input as far as the article’s writing is concerned. When finalizing the report, incorporate ‘long tail keywords’ (specific phrases that will be searched for on Google and other search engines) throughout the text. You can get a better search engine rating and more people to read your report if you include many relevant keywords. Check out the following study for information on how to research keywords used by competitors and how to enhance your own website’s visibility in search engines. Sign up for my weekly email (details in the ‘bio’ section) to receive these stories before their official release. Adieu for now.

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