PFA 451 HP

PFA 451 HP is a melt-processable resin offering high purity and excellent chemical resistance, boasting superior tensile strength and offering smoother surface finishes than both PTFE and FEP. Often the Amazing fact about 451 HP PFA.

Our HP PFA is ideal for fluid transfer applications that demand parts-per-billion purity levels, including semiconductor fabrication units and high-performance chemical distribution systems. Extrudable into special tubing for double containment of ultrapure fluids.

High Purity

PFA stands out among commercial fluoropolymers as an exceptionally chemical-inert resin, being both extremely corrosion resistant and highly chemical resistant – qualities which make it suitable for tubing used in fluid distribution systems such as DI recirculation or high purity chemicals delivery systems. PFA achieves these properties through stringent manufacturing practices, including an extensive inspection and validation process.

PFA 451 HP is an ultra-high purity perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) premium resin designed to meet ultra-high purity standards. As a highly versatile polymer, it can be processed through melt extrusion and injection, compression transfer molding, blow molding, and transfer molding – offering exceptional heat stability and melt strength, good toughness and flexibility, low coefficient of friction, outstanding dielectric properties and non-stick characteristics that meet flame, ignition, and stress cracking resistance requirements.

Version ™ HP PFA pipe and tubing provides reliable protection from media contamination in wafer processing systems as well as chemical transfer applications, making this product suitable for almost every task, with various length options to meet any configuration need and secondary containment features that save both time and money when installing dual containment systems.

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Excellent Chemical Resistance

PFA boasts superior creep resistance at high temperatures, excellent low-temperature toughness, and exceptional flame resistance, making it the ideal material for tubing, unsupported piping, and molded parts used in semiconductor manufacturing or fluid handling systems for industry and life sciences. PFA boasts superior chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties, and low coefficient of friction properties, making it the ideal material choice.

451 HP PFA is an ultra-pure premium resin with an MFR that meets the ultra-high purity requirements of the semiconductor industry. This unique combination of physical, chemical, and thermal properties makes 451 HP PFA the preferred resin in hostile environments for extended service.

HP PFA stands out as an ideal material for Furon FuseBondTM manifolds and assemblies due to its outstanding chemical resistance, making it suitable for wafer processing equipment as small as 1/16 inch to chemical distribution systems measuring multiple inches in thickness. Furthermore, this highly durable and reliable solution can withstand even the harshest of chemicals without breaking down or becoming damaged over time. Learn more by creating a free account in Prospector or signing in now.

Excellent Thermal Stability

PFA is an ideal material for critical fluid transfer applications due to its broad operating temperature range, resilience, and chemical resistance. Users can easily monitor fluid transfer in different environments with its clarity allowing for monitoring purposes; its excellent lubricity ensures effortless movement over delicate components, which is particularly important when used in telecom where maintaining the integrity of fiber optic cables is crucial.

PFA is an ideal material choice for clean room environments requiring high purity levels with minimal metallic contamination due to its molecular structure, which repels both ionic and metallic impurities as well as most chemicals. HP PFA is SEMI F-57 certified and comes in various convoluted tubing formats.

Teflon(r) PFA 451HP is an exceptional perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) fluoroplastic premium resin that displays excellent melt strength, toughness, and flexibility; low coefficient of friction; unique dielectric and non-stick properties; negligible moisture absorption; low flammability and performance in temperature extremes. Furthermore, this resin provides superior creep resistance as well as corrosion resistance against most abrasive and corrosive chemicals.

As well as tubing, this resin can also be found in unsupported pipe linings for pipes, valves, and fittings; semiconductor and fluid handling components requiring the highest levels of chemical permeation resistance; and critical chemical delivery systems. Processing methods include melt extrusion/injection/compression transfer blow molding. In order to facilitate inventory control purposes and better understand their purpose for purity level purposes, products labeled with an “X” are given identification numbers that identify their purity level of design.

Excellent Surface Smoothness

PFA 451 HP features a relatively low melt flow rate (MFR), making it suitable for ultra-high purity applications in harsh chemical environments, including semiconductor manufacture, fluid handling systems for industry or life sciences, instrumentation that requires precise measurement of fluid systems, and resistance to environmental stress-cracking & enhanced chemical permeation that may degrade other resins.

It can be processed using traditional melt extrusion techniques as well as injection, compression, transfer, and blow molding processes. Due to its high melt strength and thermal stability, larger die openings may be used, increasing production rates. Corrosion-resistant metals should be chosen when in direct contact with molten resin.

Properly molded products made of Teflon(r) PFA 451 HP resin display excellent electrical properties, superior dielectric characteristics, good toughness and flexibility, low coefficient of friction, and exceptional creep resistance at high temperatures – qualities unaffected by chemicals like gasoline or acids – as well as extraordinary creep resistance at low temperatures, excellent low-temperature toughness and outstanding flame resistance. They can be used for tubing, flanges fittings, filtration devices, and wafer carriers for semiconductor companies, among many other uses.

The GEMU PFA 451 HP product family offers tubing spools and straight tube pieces designed for various applications. For inventory control purposes, specific grades may be designated with an “X,” though in all other regards, these products are identical in characteristics and properties.

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