One Page Marketing Plan that will Help you Increase Revenue in 2019

Raise your hand if you want to grow your revenue in 2019! It’s probably your goal every year – right? But when was the last time you created a well researched plan and executed it consistently? We’ll help you understand what moves the needle and where to focus your efforts. A goal is just the beginning, you need an actionable plan to make it a reality! In this webinar we help you develop your one page marketing plan to chart your path to success in 2019!

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Q4Launch is a Charleston-based digital hospitality marketing company. We help bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and vacation rental companies across the country get found online. Our integrated hospitality marketing process covers all the bases:

– Search engine optimization
– Responsive website design
– Content creation and copywriting
– Social media management
– Email marketing
– Lead generation
– Brand and logo design
– Pay-per-click advertising

Our Process:

Why Q4Launch?
We assure you that making the switch to Q4Launch will not only yield results, but will be easy and pain-free. Our approach to web design and marketing strategy takes your B&B, hotel or vacation rental business to next level. Here’s how we do it.

– Q4L ONBOARDING: You’ll be live in 30 days. We’ll have your brand new website and Integrated Marketing ready to launch. Need some more good news? We carry the ball while you can relax and do the parts of the job you enjoy the most!

– Q4L STRATEGY: During that 30 days, we develop a complete boutique hotel, vacation rental or bed and breakfast marketing strategy for your business – ranging from email campaigns to blog topics – that will immediately start driving more traffic to show off your new website. And because consistency is the key, we’ll continue to have quarterly strategy meetings so you always know exactly what we’re working on!

– Q4L INTEGRATED APPROACH: Simply put, we do it all! After years of testing, we’ve found that the best driver of revenue growth is the integrated marketing approach. Sure, SEO will help by itself, and so will email marketing. But unless the entire marketing toolbox is working together, you’ll always be leaving website traffic (and therefore revenue) on the table.

– Q4L REPORTING & ANALYTICS: Not everyone loves data, but we certainly do! We are analyzing your Google Analytics data constantly to make data-driven decisions. We’re Analytics experts so you don’t have to be! Once we’ve collected all the data, we provide you with a Partnership Impact Review to show you how we’ve performed in each marketing area and tell you what changes need to happen going forward.

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