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In today’s video I’m sharing ways to monetize your expertise and make money blogging in 2021. AD If you can figure out how to make money with your knowledge you will be able to make money much faster and easier on your blog in my opinion. One of my favorite ways to leverage information & monetize my expertise on my blog and brand is with Teachable course creation. Teachable is hosting their Launch Accelerator Challenge to help you build and launch your online course and have it ready to pre-sell in 30 days. In this challenge you will learn how to outline your course and film you first lecture. You will also learn marketing strategies from top creators who’ve done it. Sign up for the Launch Accelerator Challenge by becoming a paid Teachable basic or pro member starting at $39/month and get started creating your course on June 2.

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0:00 monetize your expertise with teachable intro
1:01 most profitable way to use what you know to make money
3:40 my favorite way to monetize my knowledge
6:23 easiest way for newbies to make money with a blog
8:31 lowest barrier of entry to make money blogging
9:34 how to properly sell online

How to Make Money Blogging in 2021 with a small blog – to go Full Time with your Blog – to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021 –

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I’m Nakisha and I’m a full time entrepreneur. I teach moms how to make money from home with freelancing and and digital content marketing. I’ve helped many moms create additional income for their families and finally pursue the life they really want. On this channel I share my journey of building my business from scratch, while sharing how I’m marketing, monetizing, and balancing life as a mom & entrepreneur……I hope it helps you grow too!