Lumber: An Expensive Building Material

Human has developed serval ways of construction today. He has gone too advance and still going. Among those many ways, he has planned to build luxury structures out of forest lumber. This way lumber structures have become a thing. For these structures, lumber takeoff is taken but still, after taking this practice for quite a long time, forests are facing many dangers. And as a result to that, human has created problems for themselves. Among them include the scarcity and price hike of lumber.

First, let us look at what is lumber and what factors affect lumber prices.

Lumber Preparation

Lumber comes from forests. Full-grown trees of red pine, white pine, cedar, hemlock, fir, spruce, and others are cut. Their stem is cleared from every branch and leaf. Later those tree stems are processed in the industry. Where these stems are cut into beams and planks. These beams and planks are then used into construction purposes.

During all this processing, serval equipment and labor are required. Firstly, to cut trees. Later for making beams and planks out of them. Labor plays a vital role in getting the job done and price changes.

Factors Affecting Lumber Prices

Tress comes from forest. Forests may appear cheap but they are not. Particularly, today when they are done grave dangers. These are the factors affecting lumber prices:

Forest fires. Imagine hundreds of full-grown turn dust. Millions lost without any disastrous consequence. This leads to massive supply shortage and in turn to substantial increase in prices.

Deforestation. When you consume, you put a pressure on the reservoirs. But when you over consume a thing, you are basically depleting its existence. Same is happening with forest. Lumber has become a symbol of luxury for humans around the globe. This has led to massive deforestation. As the supply depletes the prices increases.

Machinery costs. Back in the days trees were cut traditionally. But with technological advancement and increase in lumber usage lumberjacks turned to advance machinery. Although with the ongoing technological advancements their prices are falling, still this becomes a problem at times and can lead to price hikes for lumber.

Labor cost. As the overall standard of life increases, labor tends to demand more and more wages. While this all is an inflation spiral, prices rise along with it. Also, with their shortage lumber market faces the same consequences.

Others like mortgages. Businesses are operating on mortgages. Even with a small increase in the mortgage, business owners can get distraught and face losses. This too like others cause an increase in lumber prices.

Most of these can be maintained somewhat by acquiring and using the right amount of lumber. One way to do it is by having quantity takeoff services.

Why Lumber is in High Usage?

Lumber is in very high demand because of many reasons. These reasons come together and incite multitude of people over and over to acquire and install lumber. This installation concerns all usage whether as the main constituents or for smaller usage. These include:

Lumber is a beautiful-looking construction material. It gives a luxurious outlook for both the inhabitants and outsiders.

It makes inhabitants feel connected to nature. Gives them a calming feeling.

It does not damage the environment.

Saves on paints and other finishings. Just coating is sufficient

And others.


Lumber is being used for luxury for a very long time. This can cause massive damage to its reservoirs. This has spiked prices and continues to do so. But despite all that people still get it for various reasons. And to make it easy they have assistance such as construction estimating services.

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