Kotlin Coroutines Newbie Instance (Android)

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On this video I take you thru your first kotlin coroutines instance.

If you’re full newbie in relation to coroutines and wish to see what they’re all about, that is the video for you.

The principle aim of coroutines is to “simplify asynchronous work by eliminating callbacks.” Coroutines are NOT threads. I like to think about coroutines as JOBS. And every “job” might include “baby jobs”. Jobs that may run in any thread. Many coroutines can run in a single thread without delay.

They’re form of “like” threads as a result of you can begin them up and do work asynchronously, however they don’t seem to be threads. Many coroutines can exist and be working in a single thread.

The principle dispatchers for constructing coroutines is:
1) Default (CPU intensive work)
2) Essential (UI Interactions)
3) IO (Enter/output. ex: community or disk transactions)