Kids Birthday Party Characters

Attracting guests with children’s birthday party characters is an easy and fun way to add entertainment. Choose one that will appeal to all! Find the best birthday party characters.

Olaf from Disney is an excellent choice for hosting a winter wonderland party, making him a memorable character that both children and adults will adore. Kids especially will love his silly yet comical behavior!


Disney is an internationally beloved children’s film studio known for bringing to life some of the world’s best-known cartoon characters in their movies, providing children with adventure, laughter, and heart-warming memories to enjoy! Their films offer something for every kid!

Princesses and other beloved characters make great party choices, but there are also many others that children adore.

Olaf from Disney is a beloved character that will bring smiles to all your birthday guests! Dressing like him will surely make for a fun costume idea!

Put on a Frozen-themed party to help get guests in the holiday spirit! Serve refreshing icy blue lemonade, soft serve ice cream, and cupcakes decorated in Queen Elsa’s preferred colors as part of a Frozen-themed spread – and don’t forget a celebratory cake featuring layers of frozen frosting for birthday celebrants!

Sesame Street

Sesame Street characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster make great choices for kids’ birthday party costumes! These beloved figures have long been part of children’s lives, making them the ideal additions for toddlers or preschoolers celebrating special days!

This character rental comes equipped with the perfect mix of silliness, hugs, and high-fives to make any special event extra enjoyable for children of all ages! They’ll play games, sing songs and interact with kids to leave everyone feeling like they had an incredible time!

Sesame Street Characters will enter the party to themed music, greeting the birthday boy or girl and their friends before posing for photos, dancing, and playing exciting games that your children and their guests will love! Finally, as they say, goodbye, this friendly character will offer high fives and hugs!


Woody is one of the most beloved characters from Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story franchise, playing an iconic pull-string cowboy doll voiced primarily by Tom Hanks.

Woody is Andy’s favorite toy, but soon his dominance in Andy’s room is challenged by Buzz Lightyear – an astronaut action figure received as a gift. Buzz believes himself to be an actual Space Ranger and doesn’t appreciate Woody leading all of Andy’s toys into Andy’s room.

Eventually, they reunite with Andy and become close. After all, they had fun working together and making Andy happy!

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bo Peep, Hamm, Rex, or Slinky from Toy Story are beloved characters loved by children of all ages – they will all make for unforgettable birthday party guests! So why not have Woody or one of his other Toy Story pals visit your party as special guests?

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the most beloved birthday party characters in children’s cartoons, making for an exciting way to bring children and their friends together for celebrations and parties. His playful spirit brings children closer together.

He’s a vaudevillian character who enjoys making jokes about his surroundings while at the same time being an outstanding role model and friend for children. His upstanding and moral character have given him worldwide acclaim.

Mouseton, located in the United States, is his hometown. This fictional city exists separately from Duckburg – home of Donald Duck and one of Mouseton’s other friends – making them ideal environments.

Other characters he shares his hometown with include Daisy Duck and Donald Duck’s anthropomorphic counterparts, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who all reside within the Toontown district of Duckburg.

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