Interior Film Suppliers

Interior film suppliers provide many solutions that can transform the appearance and feel of any indoor space, such as privacy and security solutions, branding and graphics, and more. Check out to know more

These products are a cost-effective solution to quickly updating the look and feel of interior spaces while adding privacy. Doing so prevents prying eyes from seeing sensitive areas or discovering valuables that would otherwise go uncovered.


Bodaq(r) is a commercial-quality self-adhesive vinyl architectural film designed for indoor surfaces like ceilings, walls, fire doors, partition doors, and moldings. Using its air-channeled adhesive system simplifies installation with reduced waste production reducing installation times significantly.

The flexible surface is ideal for resurfacing interior spaces in residential, multi-family, hospitality, retail, and commercial environments – such as rental properties. It can add value or be used to refinish areas that don’t meet aesthetic standards.

Interior designers can use more than 450 patterns that convincingly mimic natural materials with this versatile internal surfacing material, giving interior designers plenty of creative freedom in designing spaces with it. A quirky PoMo-inflected terrazzo in an airport cafe, dramatically veined marble in a hotel reception, or warm oak finish wrapping an entire kitchen are just some of the moments this material can produce.


Coala(r) offers lightweight, stretchable refinishing materials of high quality that can be applied to almost any surface, from glass to wood and beyond. They offer designs ranging from glittery to utilitarian while boasting short delivery lead times for small orders.

Installation with this company’s patented air-channeled adhesive is quick and straightforward; there are over 450 patterns, from colorful and whimsical to more conveniently available to choose from. Their latest offering, Pearlite PL, is an eco-friendly vermiculite chip featuring an eye-catching pearl finish. Even better is its flexibility: this product can be applied onto almost any surface – including curves – without glue or masking tape being needed; plus, it is also environmentally friendly, saving money during any remodel or renovation project!

LG Hausys(r)

LG Hausys(r), located in Korea, manufactures and sells window products such as casement windows & doors, sliding windows, and patio doors that can be found globally. Their products can be found here.

Our company provides customers with window films designed to reduce energy usage and save money, made of polyethylene, metallocene, elastomer, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

These films meet the requirements for various applications in electronics, acoustics, sports equipment, automotive, aerospace, and appliance industries.

Also available to customers are flame-resistant and air-free films to help safeguard lives and property against fires. They can be applied on walls, elevators, doors, and ceilings.

They also produce interior surface films for buses, coaches, rail carriages, ships, and vehicle conversions that protect surfaces and furnishings such as bus seats. These self-adhesive films can be thermoformed to easily and easily conform to any shape or size.


Antalis stands tall as the premier provider of architectural surface films made of vinyl. They also boast excellent sales and service support within the industry, boasting 30 different product lines, including pattern vinyl and custom color matching options – so no matter your project requirements, you can be assured the ideal film will always be available when needed.

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