How to Transfer Contacts From Android to Android

Did you know that there are over 2.8 billion Android users worldwide?

The number of people who use Android continues to rise because of the mobile platform’s flexibility. Androids offer complete customization and easy access to the app market.

Androids let users sync data and settings on more than one device. This feature is convenient if the user wants to transfer data from an old phone to a new one. The transfer of data, like contacts, is easy even if the sync setting is off.

Would you like to know how to transfer contacts from Android to Android? Have you ever done it before? Read on to learn more.

1. Sync With Google Account

Android is an operating system developed by Google for tablets and phones. Users can use Android to access the app market to download mobile applications. Its users can also use their Google accounts to transfer data from one device to another.

Using a Google Account is one of the easiest methods to transfer contacts. First, open the Settings app and click on Accounts. Then, select the Google account you will use on the new Android phone. After that, tap the Account sync option.

Enable the Contacts option to save everything on the Google Account. This step allows all existing contacts to sync with your Google Account. All the previous information will be there when you sign in to a new Android phone.

These steps may not be the same for every device when transferring contacts from Android. Use the Google Contacts application for a more convenient process.

If your new phone runs on IOS, you can share contacts between iPhones with iCloud. It syncs and backs up both apps and contacts. You can access them through the iCloud website.

2. Backup and Restore

There are Android devices that use vCard to backup and restore mobile contacts. These packets of data carry contact information that email programs read with ease. You can use a vCard to transfer contacts from Android to Android by importing VCF Files on your new phone.

Start by opening the Contacts app on your old Android phone. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner and click Select all. Click on the sharing icon, which looks like three dots connected by lines.

Doing this compiles your contacts into a single VCF file. Choose the option that sends the file in an email to yourself. You can now access the file on your new phone using your email.

Using your new Android phone, download the VCF file. Find and open the new VCF file on your new Android files app. The file might be Files, Files by Google, or a similar name.

Tap yes or OK if the app asks you to import your Android phone contacts. Finish all these steps, and your contacts will be on your new phone.

3. Transfer With a Sim Card

Did you know that there are three major cell service providers in the US?

The first SIM cards emerged in 1991 and were for storing information. These cards hold information that allows users to connect with the cellular network. SIM cards allow users to make phone calls and send text messages.

SIM cards are removable, so you can use them to transfer contacts into your new phone with ease. Insert the SIM card into the new device and move the stored contacts.

First, open the Contacts app and choose the Menu option. Select the ‘Manage Contacts’ and tap the ‘Import/Export Contacts’ option. After that, select the SIM card where you want to transfer your contacts.

Insert the SIM card on your new device and open the Contact app. Go to the menu and select ‘Import from SIM Card’ under the ‘Manage Contacts’ section. Keep the app running while the contacts are transferring to avoid issues.

After a few minutes, you will see the transferred contacts on your new Android device.

4. Transfer Contacts via Bluetooth

About 235 million cellphone users in the US, and almost all have Bluetooth. This wireless technology shares data with a radio frequency. Bluetooth is also used to share documents that connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

With Bluetooth, you can also transfer contacts from Android to Android. Connect the two devices via Bluetooth and start importing contacts.

First, turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Go to the Contacts app using the old Android device, then choose Import/Export under the menu. Look for the Share name card via option and click the Select All prompt.

Choose Bluetooth and select the device where you want to send the contacts. Accept the authorization and start the transferring process. This process is best for transferring one or two contacts because the speed is low.

5. Use Apps Like SHAREit

There are many apps. Android users can use to transfer contacts from one device to another. Apps like SHAREit work great for users who can’t sync the contacts on their Google Account.

SHAREit is one of the transfer and share applications on the Google app store. The transfer process of this app is over 200 times faster than the standard Bluetooth. The app allows transferring of files like contacts by using wireless tethering.

Begin by installing the sharing app on both Android devices. Connect to the Wi-Fi and run the app on both Android phones. Use the app to connect the old phone to the new one.

Go to the Contacts app and select all the contacts you want to transfer. Tap on the share icon and then choose SHAREit as the sharing method. Open the app on the source device and scan for the target device.

Once the target device connects, the name of the target device appears. Tap on it to begin the transfer process.

Learn How to Transfer Contacts From Android to Android With Ease

These are common ways on how to transfer contacts from Android to Android. Use this guide to choose a process that fits your needs and makes moving contacts easier.

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