How to Make Snow Ice Cream

Please make the most of those snow days by getting kids (and adults!) involved in making snow ice cream themselves! This delicious treat can be customized with whatever ingredients are desired to give a truly customized flavor experience. Obtain the Best information about بستنی ساز نیکنام.

Gather some fresh, clean snow (ideally just after a storm has hit) and mix it with sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract.


Snow Ice Cream is an easy and kid-approved snow day treat made with ingredients readily available from your pantry. Although it doesn’t achieve the creamy consistency of hand-churned ice cream, homemade winter treats still provide a tasty winter dessert treat for the entire family!

A few key ingredients will be necessary to make ice cream. Milk, half and half, or cream is mixed with sugar and vanilla extract to form the base for the dessert, then sweetened further by either granulated or powdered sugar for sweetening purposes. Once this base has set in, additional flavors and ingredients may be added depending on desired results – for instance, apple snow ice cream was famous during the 17th century as a hot drink featuring pureed apples in its recipe.

To get the perfect snow for this recipe, look for fresh, clean, and fluffy snow that has not been touched by dirt or animal tracks. A large bowl outside can help gather this type of snow quickly.

Refrigerate a can of sweetened condensed milk before beginning this dessert so that it will be cold when you combine it with snow. Next, in a medium bowl, combine milk, sugar, and vanilla before taking to the snow to collect clean and fresh snow to mix into the milk mixture and stir thoroughly to blend all the ingredients. You can either serve this ice cream immediately or allow it to freeze further to harden further.


Snow ice cream is one of the top winter activities for kids and an easy and refreshing way to cool off during a long winter day. Making snow ice cream requires no special machines or heavy-duty mixers – making this an enjoyable activity that adults can share with children! This recipe works well with any snow; for optimal results, it should not have been contaminated by animals or dirt.

Fill a gallon freezer bag halfway with snow and add six tablespoons of salt to lower its freezing point and make it easier to manipulate. Place another zip-lock bag within the larger one for air removal before sealing both bags shut to keep the snow cold while creating your creamy base to mix in with it.

As the snow cools, combine milk, sugar, and vanilla in a bowl for your ice cream base. This step must be completed before commencing scooping!

Once your base has been mixed, please bring in your snow catch to use quickly before it melts when adding dairy products. Use fresh and clean snow from the top surface without any dirt or discolorations for best results; some people even prefer waiting until the first snow of the season has fallen before making their snow creations, as this can purify the air!


Snow ice cream requires quick work so the mixture doesn’t melt, and then you can add any number of add-ins for children or adults alike to enjoy! You can even add a dash of food color for an eye-catching effect!

Traditional snow ice cream recipes combine fresh snow, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt to create this frozen dessert. A pinch of salt can also help preserve the texture as the snow freezes.

Begin by filling a bowl with clean snow. Only use fluffy, not compacted, or icy snow. For optimal results, collect it at the beginning of a heavy snowfall to avoid having it melted by cars on the road or sun exposure. However, it’s best to wait a few hours after its arrival, as initial rounds often contain more pollutants from the atmosphere.

Once your ingredients are assembled, combine milk, sugar, and vanilla in a large freezer-safe bowl and stir until it resembles an extra-thick milkshake. After stirring has finished, fold in fresh snow until the desired results are reached.

Alternately, for an even faster version of snow cones, combine sweetened condensed milk (available from any supermarket) with your snow to produce an equally delicious snow treat. Or use evaporated milk, whole milk, or 2% milk instead for similar results.


Snow ice cream is an all-time classic cold-weather treat. It is crafted using only ingredients readily available during a snowfall: freshly packed white snow, milk or condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. Many parents also add a dash of food coloring for an enjoyable snow day activity for their child! For added richness and flavor, some makers also utilize heavy cream.

As soon as snowflakes start falling from the sky, it is vitally important to collect them as soon as possible since early snowflakes can carry air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrates, mercury, or formaldehyde into their core. This is particularly prevalent in urban settings, where dogs and children walk across it along with vehicles passing by; rural locations tend to offer cleaner snow, but this cannot always be guaranteed.

Provide a large bowl with about 8 cups of fresh, clean snow. Stir the milk and sugar mixture, adding more or less snow as needed until you achieve your desired texture, similar to an extra-thick milkshake. Finally, mix in vanilla or other extract of your choice before serving immediately with sprinkles (note that their color can bleed into the snow ice cream, so add them at the last moment if possible).